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Nicolas Bedos: A young, hot and famous ex reappears, unrecognizable with a totally improbable appearance

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Nicolas Bedos looks well and truly settled. The writer and filmmaker shares the life of the beautiful Pauline, who does not erase anything from her past. Before the beautiful blonde, Nicolas Bedos rubbed shoulders with other young women. One of them reappeared at the Dior show and was transformed!

The Christian Dior show made it possible to expose the house’s new products to the public and make fans of the catwalks and the brand salivate. But not only! Among the guests invited to attend the show was one Mathilde Warnier. If his name means nothing to you, you’ve probably seen him in the series. the snake, hosted by the excellent Tahar Rahim and produced by Richard Warlow and Toby Finlay. She plays the character of Nadine Gires, an accomplice to serial killer Charles Sobhraj before helping to arrest him.

Above all, it became known as a result of a stormy and very spicy television exchange with Nicolas Bedos. Student present in the audience of the show In the Camp de la Nit, moderated by Michel Field, stood out for his confidence in the columnist and author. This conversation had also led to a beautiful romance that ended after only a few months.

This Monday, January 23, the actress was back in front of the stage and difficult to recognize. For the Dior show, Mathilde Warnier had chosen a very special dress, very tight trousers covered by high knee-high boots and a circus-inspired officer’s jacket. By way of make-up, a milky skin, eyes with little make-up and two discreet hearts drawn on each of her cheeks. A daring appearance, worthy of the strong personality of the young woman.

A wrong story

Then, in 2011, the young woman took the floor to say all the bad things she thought about the latest book by Nicolas Bedos, whom she seemed to admire until then: “I read your preface and I was like, hey, he apologizes for absolutely everything (…) So I’m quite disappointed. And in the end, I have nothing more to say to you, really…“What Nicolas Bedos had retorted:”You have a pretty face but you’re a whore (…) Put the microphone up your ass and get out!

After this exchange, Mathilde Warnier and Nicolas Bedos had finally fallen in love. Guy Bedos’ son had also discussed his story publicly with Thierry Ardisson: “Of course we are together. He is someone who is a part of my life, that’s all. She is charming.” A charming romance as intense as it was unexpected to end.

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