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Kylie Jenner and her lion head dress: Anthony Delon and PETA step forward

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It’s a contrasted Fashion Week for the Schiaparelli house. The Italian brand staged its fashion show on Monday, January 23, mostly featuring dresses adorned with the heads of wild animals, which were more real than life. A choice that generated great controversy, supported especially by Anthony Delon and the association PETA.

It’s a mixed start to Fashion Week for Italian brand Schiaparelli. Indeed, this year begins with a beautiful controversy that ignites the network and of which it would have been fine without. On the occasion of the Haute Couture Fashion Week show, the artistic director of Schiaparelli, Daniel Roseberry, presented his new spring-summer 2023 collection.

For the event, the youngest of the Kardashian siblings, Kylie Jenner had answered the call in an original outfit at least. It was in her all-black dress adorned with a lion’s head that the 25-year-old influencer and model appeared at the Petit Palais. A look that we could find in several variations, worn mainly by Kanye West’s ex, Irina Shayk or Naomi Campbell.

However, this creation did not leave Internet users indifferent, nor certain personalities. Starting with Anthony Delon. The son of the famous actor Alain Delon picked up his phone to denounce the message conveyed through this outfit. “Very bad“, he wrote first accompanied by a disapproving thumbs up emoji, in this story to find in our slideshow.”Stop the glorification of hunting trophies“, he added immediately.

A violent controversy

Admittedly, the costume can be confusing as the animal heads look more lifelike. However, they are in fact fake hunting trophies, but the symbolism is obviously questionable as they are endangered wild animals whose heads are commonly used as hunting trophies, especially by poachers.

Especially because to obtain these results, the Italian brand used a controversial method, as explained by the association PETA. “Silkworms were boiled alive and sheep were exploited for their fleeces to obtain the silk and wool used to make these fake animal heads. Schiaparelli should resort to materials of non-animal origin“, we can read on his social networks.

Kylie Jenner thus found herself under fire from critics, but also from Naomi Campbell. The superstar model had participated in several campaigns with PETA in the past, and several netizens did not fail to remind her of this, pointing out her hypocrisy. It remains to be seen what will be the reaction of the Italian brand to this emerging scandal.

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