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Coronation of Charles III: the king eschews traditions, a new dress code announced!

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Just a month before Charles III is officially crowned king. Information about the ceremony is running out. The last ones to date refer to the dresses worn by the guests. And unlike his mother Elizabeth II, Charles III is planning a much more relaxed event than expected.

Being invited to a historic event for a royal family often means they have to be honored in the most perfect outfit. But obviously, for the coronation of King Charles III scheduled for May 6, no frills or ultra-sophisticated looks. If a priori there will be no tap dancing in the grounds of Westminster Abbey, the new sovereign has made it known that he wants to live with the times and banish the traditions anchored at least since the coronation of his late mother in 1953.

This is the reason why King Charles relaxed the dress code for members of the House of Lords in particular. Guests, the latter will not have to find the most beautiful tuxedo or a formal dress for the occasion. All will be able to settle for the parliamentary robe, a long vermilion red toga with a white ermine fur collar, the same one they wear every year at the opening of Parliament. No need to expect wigs or other amazing details: “We already knew that the king’s coronation would be celebrated in a different way to that of Queen Elizabeth II” said expert Danielle Stacey on the site Hello.

A more flexible dress code than expected should not only concern members of Parliament: “It would not be surprising if members and guests dress more casually for the King’s coronation. Charles is aware of the current cost of living crisis and his desire for a much more modern monarchy is something to consider“, he continued. In addition to the dresses, the ceremony will also be different in terms of time, since unlike the 3 hours recorded by Elizabeth II, the coronation of Charles III should only last an hour before the procession that will lead the royal clan to the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

Dead silence for Harry and Meghan

So don’t expect the ball gowns you might see at royal weddings! And it is impossible to have clues about the dresses chosen by Harry and Meghan Markle who, for now, have not yet confirmed (or not) their arrival at the coronation. Invited by e-mail by King Charles, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would even have imposed their own conditions to come: a role as important as Kate and William’s children for Archie, 3, and Lilibet, d ‘1 year, and his place in the Buckingham balcony. As well as having already given them a home in Frogmore even though they’ve just been kicked out, he’s starting to do a lot…

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