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Kate Middleton, coronation disruptor? Her outfit is already outrageous!

She is always dressed new and perfect, as Kate Middleton appears at official events with the royal family. But it could be otherwise with the coronation of King Charles III. The celebration of the Princess of Wales, in fact, would not really be circumstances according to several sources.

Although the presence of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry is still uncertain for the coronation of Charles III on May 6, there are other pending questions, such as the type of dresses that guests will wear on D-Day. they leaked tracks. Only the appearance of members of the House of Lords of Parliament has been revealed. The latter will not have to wear an ultra-traditional dress full of frills, wigs and other details far from going unnoticed. They are allowed to wear only the long red tunic with a white ermine collar, the same one they wear at each annual opening of Parliament.

What about members of the royal family? Nothing is announced but it seems that Kate Middleton’s dress is already talking about her. And not in the best of circumstances. According to Buckingham Palace sources in The Mirror, the Princess of Wales plans to go for a look that not everyone likes: “Backstage, there was much discussion about her outfit. We also talked a lot about what it will bring to the head. In fact, Kate does not plan to wear a tiara, as protocol dictates for this occasion. At Charles’ first state banquet as king, for example, he brought one.”

The dresses and large valuable jewels that she may have worn during the royal wedding or other such events a priori will not be there. A choice that does not seem to worry more than this the new king of England. As revealed by royal family staff, King Charles III plans to dust off the monarchy over the years and bring a modern twist. Unlike the three hours of ceremony to which Queen Elizabeth II was entitled in 1953, Charles’ coronation will last only one hour.

A much more flexible dress code

Although he may have celebrated his 74th birthday, Charles III knows very well that times have changed and that you have to live with the times. That is why he wants his coronation to have nothing to do with his mother’s, starting with the event’s dress code imposed on the guests. The king wants the assembly to look more relaxed than usual. The fact that Kate does not intend to wear a tiara or a crown is surely only the result of a desire to please her father-in-law: “Charles III wants a less pompous coronation, so I think he would have no problem with the princes and princesses not wearing it..” Conclusion: Actually, your choice is perfect!

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