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Decisions, decisions, decisions – every day we make hundreds. But what’s the secret to – at least most of the time – making the right one? The answer’s easy.

Decisions, decisions, decisions – we make hundreds every day. But what is the secret to – at least most of the time – to hit the right one? The answer is simple.


Think long term. Whatever you have to decide on, go for the option that’s going to be most profitable long term.

  • Pizza or veggie stew?
  • Work out or chill?
  • Party or study?
  • Save or spend?
  • Stay up late or go to bed?

Bad eating habits, slacking off at the gym, partying, over-spending and staying up late usually feel great in the moment. But any decision has its consequences and for all of the above they are not of the pleasant kind: bad health, bad credit, bad grades and yes – dark circles.

We tend to be more used to thinking long term for bigger decisions (buy or rent, minivan or muscle car, college or job), but when it comes to everyday things like the examples just mentioned, we forget about this rule.

If you were to adapt the habit of thinking long term, no matter how big or small the decision, you are creating yourself a more healthy, happy life. True, long-term thinking usually requires a little more self-discipline and patience because the pay-off is usually some time later down the road.

Short term decision making, on the other hand, feels good as the decision is made, but the ultimate price usually outweighs the initial positive feelings.

So whatever decision you have to make today THINK LONG TERM.


Think long term. Whatever needs to be decided, choose the option that will bring you the most benefits in the long run.

  • Pizza or vegetable stew?
  • Sport or relaxation?
  • Celebrate or Study?
  • Shopping or saving?
  • Go to bed early or go through?

Bad eating habits, little exercise, constant partying, excessive shopping trips and going through all night may feel great at the moment. But every decision has its consequences and for the ones just mentioned these are of the uglier kind: poor health, poor bank balance, miserable grades and yes – dark circles under the eyes.

When it comes to big decisions, we are more used to thinking long-term (rent or buy, family coach or sports car, study or training). But when it comes to making smaller decisions, we quickly forget this simple rule of thumb.

To make better, healthier decisions that will continue to bring you the most in the future, get used to thinking ahead, long-term. It may be that long-term thinking requires more self-discipline and patience on your part, because the laurels usually come a little later.

In contrast, short-term decisions often feel great in the moment, but the final price of that decision outweighs the initial positive feelings.

So: With every decision that has to be made today: THINK LONG-TERM.

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