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Most of the stress you are dealing with are really just thoughts. Most of what you worry about, what brings you down and makes you anxious is all in your head.

Most of our worries are really just thoughts; a lot of our problems only play out in our heads.


Ultimately there are two types of problems to worry about: The ones you can control and the ones you cannot control.

Often enough the latter type of problems is a much bigger pile than the problems you actually have control over. So what does this mean? Are we doomed to be stressed out by things we have no power over for the rest of our lives?

Definitely not. Think of it this way: Anything you can’t control is teaching you how to let go. You will never be able to control how other people react, how your kids will act in school or the stock price. Some things are just outside of your control. There is only so much you can do, but eventually the way these things unfold is not up to you.

Rather than worrying about things you cannot control, learn to let them evolve naturally. Ultimatley you can worry all you want, the worrying won’t change a thing. You might as well learn to stay calm and relaxed so once actions can and need to be taken, you have a clear mind and can act most rationally.

Whatever might be stressing you out these days, ask yourself which of these issues are in your control. Focus on the things or aspects of the problems you do have power over, and learn to take a step back when it comes to matters out of your hands. This is life; it’s never perfect and it sure never goes the way we plan. But having the right attitude will tremendously change the way you experience it.

Need more motivation? Check out this Motivating Monday from last year: It’s also about how to deal with worries and my method for dealing with them.


There are two types of problem: those that we can control and those that we have no power over.

The latter usually make up a large part of our worries. So what does that mean? that we are doomed to walk forever stressed and unhappy?

Certainly not. Think of it this way: Everything that you cannot control teaches you to let go. You cannot control how others react, how your children behave in school, and how the stock price behaves. All of this is beyond your control. Sure, you may already have influence, but how things end up being beyond your control.

So instead of worrying about things that you can’t control anyway, learn to come to terms with the fact that everything will go its own way. Because basically you can worry as much as you like and drive yourself crazy – change doesn’t do anything because of it. In this respect, you can just as easily try to face the problems calmly and relaxed. Then, when it is time to act, at least you have a more rational mindset and are able to make better decisions.

Think about it: what are you worried about right now? Which of these problems can you control? Focus on what you can change and learn to keep a healthy distance from everything else. That’s the way life is; it’s never perfect, nothing will go exactly as planned. With the right attitude, however, you can have a massive impact on how you experience things and how happy you are.

Do you need more motivation? Then I recommend this Motivating Monday post from last year. It is also about worries and my method of how to best deal with them.

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