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Eddy Mitchell and his relationship with sport: Johnny Hallyday, Cantona, the crunchy anecdotes of the crooner

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Famous for his songs, Eddy Mitchell is also famous for his acting career, where he often had physical roles. However, his relationship with sport is complex, but full of anecdotes, as he confided to L’Équipe.

There are few in France who have lasted as long as Eddy Mitchell, whether in music or film. At 80 years old, the man named Schmoll has a prodigious career, made up of an impressive number of hits and several prominent film roles. Caesarized in 1996, he also played there Death to the referee next to the late Michel Serrault. If one would have thought that the crooner had fallen in love with football after this experience, this is not really the case. More attracted to rugby, Muriel Bailleul’s husband is not a sports fan in general, but he has many anecdotes to share and he did so on January 22 The team.

A great friend of Johnny Hallyday, with whom he formed Les Vieilles Canailles (alongside Jacques Dutronc), Eddy Mitchell refused, however, for a long time to accompany his great friend to share one of his passions, motoring . Johnny has been trying to persuade him to go with him when he participates in rallies. “It never got there. I don’t drive and when I’m a passenger in a car I don’t take care of the ground. Even as a co-driver it would have been really bad for me”admits the crooner, whose grandson looks set to follow in his footsteps.

The city was full of photographers wearing dark glasses and berets pretending to be French

During the shooting of the film Happiness is in the meadow, Eddy Mitchell replies to Éric Cantona, then an absolute idol in Manchester and at the height of his glory. He also meets Joël, the brother of the “King” and if all goes well between them, a surprising little detail will separate them. “Both brothers were great. We got along. But where it stopped was that they were very karaoke and I wasn’t at all”, says Schmoll today. A particular shoot for the interpreter of Color mint in the water, since the English tabloids then spied on the smallest actions and gestures of Cantona. “The city was full of photographers wearing dark glasses and a beret to make them look French”remember fun

If you’re not the biggest sports fan, Eddy Mitchell has some wonderful anecdotes to tell!

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