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Ramzy Bedia: His amazing daughter Ella in blonde, but an air of resemblance to her famous mother

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Ella, Ramzy Bedia’s eldest daughter, just shared a snap of herself on Instagram, sporting a new hairstyle and hair color. And his expressions remind those of his famous mother.

Fans of Ella, Ramzy Bedia’s daughter, will undoubtedly have needed a few seconds before recognizing her, she who recently took over her Instagram account to upload a photo of herself, in which she also she appears unrecognizable as a blonde. like with a bob cut. It was obviously a wig that she was probably wearing while taking the photo.

In any case, this look will delight him, and he especially remembers that of his mother: the famous actress and entertainer Anne Depetrini. In fact, the latter has a habit of keeping her hair short, with the only difference being that hers are curly. But there also seems to be a resemblance in the look, between mother and daughter, and a well-formed mouth.

There was no room for two

As a reminder, Anne Depétrini and Ramzy Bédia are also the parents of Ava (14 years old). But they have been separated since 2011. Last May when she had meAsked by Jordan De Luxe, the ex-Miss Canal + weather forecast agreed to say more about her former partnership with the comedian, especially recalling the beginning of their relationship: “It happened at a time when it was exploding and for me it was the end of Canal. I stopped working in 2002. It was a little harder on my ego because I wasn’t on TV anymore. And it really has an impressive notoriety. In the street, then, I couldn’t take three steps…“”There was no room for two. It was complicated to exist. I’ve never had delusional notoriety. I already had trouble swallowing it“, he had made known.

But he felt in the process that notoriety was not the reason for their breakup. A couple “it ends when it should end“, he had explained. Since then, they therefore, everyone lives their own life on their own. As for Ramzy Bédia, he has found love again in the arms of Mariona with whom he became a father again in September 2020, at the age of 48. Information that had escaped during an interview with “GQ”.

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