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Hilary Swank, pregnant with twins at the age of 48, embarks on a mind-blowing sports session!

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Is it hard to get back into sports after the end of year celebrations? This is the case for many, but certainly not for Hilary Swank. Pregnant with twins for 7 months, the actress has more anger in her stomach than ever.

This year 2023 begins with the most complete happiness for the actress. Hilary Swank is pregnant for the first time, with twins, at the age of 48. This geriatric twin pregnancy might eventually require the most precautions… but it seems everything is going like clockwork for the American beauty. As can be seen on social networks, the heroine of the film Million Dollar Baby Clint Eastwood even has extraordinary strength, as he has just reached his seventh month.

It’s been a long time

There is no doubt, for Hilary Swank, to stop her sports activities while she is pregnant. On Instagram, the actress has shared a video where we see her in the middle of a sports session… a pretty tough session! “My babies and I are exercisingwrote on January 20, 2023. It’s been a long time The actress is definitely causing quite a sensation lately. A few days earlier he had appeared, sublime in an emerald green dress with the Prada logo, during the ceremony of the 80th Golden Globes, organized at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles, exhibiting like this. her beautiful baby body.

We could not have wished for a greater miracle

Hilary Swank announced she was pregnant with twins last October on the set of the show Good morning America. She confirmed, at Drew Barrymore Show that the delivery date was scheduled for April 16, the birthday of her father, who died in October 2021. Hilary Swank has been in a relationship with businessman Philip Schneider since 2016. The lovers s ‘they had met on a blind date arranged by mutual friends and married two years later. “We could not have wished for a greater miraclehe explained at the time of the holidays. I am so grateful to receive these two gifts that will last a lifetime.” Only a few more weeks of patience, and many drops of sweat, before discovering the faces of their little ones!

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