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“I am very ashamed”: Clovis Cornillac, a father who would have liked something else for his children…

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Since the beginning of his career, Clovis Cornillac has continued to chain roles: comedy (“Asterix at the Olympic Games”, this Monday evening February 6 on TF1), dramas or action films… He knows do it all! But this Wednesday he experiments with a new type of project: comedy committed to the issue of the environment. It must be said that his role as a father has a lot to do with this choice.

Playing with a group of teenagers? Too easy, Clovis Cornillac knows it by heart: he started cinema when he was 15 and has never stopped since. So for unforgettable Asterix from the movie Asterix at the Olympic Games (broadcast this Monday evening on TF1), hard to turn down Ice Cream Headsa social comedy that will be released on Wednesday, February 8 and that could raise public awareness of ecological issues, in particular through a university school trip.

Questions that have caused a lot in the actor, involved the father of three children (Lily and Alice, 21 years old, whose mother is Caroline Proust, and Nino, 9 years old, born from his union with Lilou Fogli) and that all this is worrying as he explained to the magazine TV 7 days this week. “I’m already ashamed because I’m part of the generation that, although it was warned, it didn’t listen. A true denial. I have two girls in their twenties, a 10-year-old boy and I am very embarrassed“, he assured.

Fortunately, the actor is eco-responsible and teaches his children that the smallest gesture counts. And the trio understood it well: “I am happy to see that for young people the situation has changed. Being in action and collective momentum is always better than sitting in your corner with a cynical look saying: “It’s useless”“.

“The desire to go to the theaters”

A beautiful speech for the actor, which seems to be directed towards the collective: explaining in the same interview “love people“, regardless of their age, also explains that their movie choices today are “cinematographic“.”You have to make people want to go to the theater“, he even argues.

And if we can imagine him quite well in dark rooms with his children, none of them have yet followed him to the cinema: little Nino is still too young to embark on this career, and his daughters are still quite discreet although Alicia seems to be starting to follow in her parents’ footsteps according to her Instagram account.

A career start that must not really please his father, according to his rare confidences on the subject in the same magazine in 2014: “I don’t know if I would accept. Selfishly, I would like my children to have other desires to open me up to other things.

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