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Anthony Delon writes ‘a new page’: big video ad, netizens rejoice

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There is no secret. When you have talent, opportunities flow. Anthony Delon is proof of that. On March 13, the man in many hats announced some great news to his followers on Instagram. An original ad that sent his entire audience into convulsions.

Hard to introduce Anthony Delon. Crazy talented actor, charming model, brand designer and author, among others… There is no shortage of qualities to define the father of Lou, 27, and Liv, 21. But he is once again the cap of author that Anthony Delon has revealed in recent days. A year after the publication of his book Between dog and wolfan intimate and familiar story of wild success, published by Editions du Cherche Midi, is about to repeat the exercise as it announced on March 14 to its Instagram subscribers.

Anthony Delon has a new project in the works and it has nothing to do with the stage or any shooting, like the one of 21 Rubies, who recently starred alongside Mickey Rourke in Romania. The 58-year-old comedian will write a new book. It is in one of the most original videos in which we see him writing with a pen in a book that he shared this great opportunity. “I am pleased to announce that I have just signed my next book with Fayard. A novel“, he made known.”Another page, another story“specifies in the caption of the publication that caused immense joy on the part of the fans.

The reactions were not long in coming. If the Fayard house has been very impatient with this collaboration, the result of which should be announced at the end of 2023, Internet users have also not stopped sharing their excitement: “I love this original presentation. Writing with the sound of pen on paper, values ​​that I thought were lost. Thanks Antony, I can’t wait to meet and read these new pages!”, “Looks like the typo has set in”, “Congratulations Anthony! Even if it’s a novel, I hope it’s as sincere as the previous one”, “New words, new adventures. The joy is great”, “Bravo. You are made to write.

An informed pen, an applauded memoir

Anthony Delon can be proud of his career in literature. It must be said that he would have been wrong to stop after the success of his memoirs Between dog and wolf. The month following its publication, the work was even considered one of the best literary premieres. In a while, it will also be adapted into a TV series by Dominique Besnehard, a good friend of Anthony Delon. News that should warm the heart of Anthony, whose professional future looks brighter than ever.

Source : Pure People

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