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Lola Dewaere: “I left him on the spot!”, This day when her ex went too far

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Lola Dewaere is this Wednesday March 22 evening on France 2 in the film “A confession”. The chance to talk about their love life, and in particular that day when their ex went too far, while they were having lunch at the Closerie des Lilas, a famous Parisian brasserie.

Lola Dewaere, who no doubt benefits in part from the notoriety of her famous father Patrick Dewaere, is also known as an actress. It will also be on the screen tonight on France 2 in the film A confession As a reminder, he impressed in 2012, a Wow!. A feature film, thanks to which she had been nominated for the César for the best female hope, and in which she played a very round young woman whose husband no longer supported her too generous forms, and then decided to offer her a weight loss treatment.

A situation that the 43-year-old actress had experienced more or less a few years ago off-camera, with a man who had criticized her looks. He hadn’t wasted a second to put an end to this story. “And to think that my lover recently said to me, ‘Get a coach. With 10 kg less, I would really like it! I left it on the spot!“, he said in 2016 during a lunch at the Closerie des Lilas hosted by Paul Wermus (for his column a VOD).

I had to stay in the hospital for three months

Having not given details about the identity of this man, it is impossible to know whether it was the actor Nicolas Ullmann, with whom she had broken up the year before, or someone else. Keep in mind that when she was 18, she lost her first love in a terrible car accident, which also almost killed her. A drama he had returned to The Express:I was madly in love with a boy. We were leaving the club and he got stuck on a bollard. He died a few days later, while I, after two cardiac arrests, had to stay in hospital for three months.

Since then, she has had to recover from this painful ordeal and move on. What he had managed to do, despite the pain, since he had agreed in December 2021 to the actor Pierre-Édouard Bellanca, trained at the prestigious Cours Florent between 2004 and 2008. But a sentence pronounced from the star of the series to the success Astrid and Raphaelle during an interview he hinted that he might stop being in a relationship. Hard to say for sure…

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