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Christophe Lambert divorced Diane Lane: the mother of his daughter Eleanor had other very famous conquests

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Christophe Lambert, who is part of the cast of “The crazy story of Max and Léon”, broadcast this Wednesday, March 22 on TMC, will have had a great history with the American actress Diane Lane, whom he will have married and he will become a father. … a girl called Eleonor. But the mother of his child will have had other very famous conquests in her life, either before or after her divorce.

The crazy story of Max and Leon is a comedy broadcast this Wednesday evening on TMC, and in which Christophe Lambert appears. The opportunity to evoke this, and in particular his marriage to the American actress Diane Lane in 1988, in Santa Fé in New Mexico. They had met four years earlier, while promoting the musical film Cotton Club They had then had a brief relationship before breaking up and then reuniting two years later in Rome, during the filming of a movie. From their union, their daughter Elionor was born in 1993.

But the year after the birth of their son, the two artists finally decided to divorce. Diane Lane had then found love with director Danny Cannon, known on the set of Judge Dredd. But even there this story did not last. In July 2003, she had started her film career with the film i love you i love you alongside Laurence Olivier, she got engaged to actor Josh Brolin, before saying yes a year later. They will divorce in 2013, due to “irreconcilable differences”.

Diane remained my best friend

Note that prior to her marriage to Christophe Lambert, she had dated actors Christopher Atkins (in 1980) and Timothy Hutton (from 1980 to 198462), as well as rock star Jon Bon Jovi (for five months in 1984 ). A lively love life, then, for the American star. If she finally became a mother in 1993, from her union with Christophe Lambert, she had aborted for the first time, of a child she was expecting with him. “The first time Diane told me she was pregnant, she saw my face and understood, she didn’t keep the child.” had revealed the actor in the pages of Gala in October 2020, before adding: “But the second time, when our partner was still at the end of the course, I thought it was great. I was ready.

An interview during which he also returned to his divorce with the mother of his daughter, as well as his role as a father: “We divorced when the little one was six months old, but Diane remained my best friend, my confidante. He is someone I love deeply and always will be. As for my position as a father, I knew that I was not going to double the family debts, that I would neither be suffocated, like my mother, nor received, like my father. As a reminder, Christophe Lambert will have been in a relationship with Sophie Marceau from 2007 to 2014.

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