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“For him, it was the world upside down”: Elodie Bouchez and Thomas Bangalter (Daft Punk) surprised their son Tara Jay

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When you’re a teenager, you often have a reputation for wanting to do as little as possible. In the family of Elodie Bouchez and Thomas Bangalter it is the opposite! Wishing to study philosophy, his eldest was greatly surprised by a piece of advice from his parents.

In a relationship with the French musician Thomas Bangalter of the Daft Punk duo, Élodie Bouchez, this evening on France 2 a What an era! – had two children, Tara-Jay (born 2002) and Roxan (born 2008). Interviewed in the magazine SHE, the actress talked about her role as a mother and her children’s career aspirations. “Unlike me, my two children grew up in an artistic environment. My eldest, Tara-Jay, who is 21, wanted to be an actor around the age of 9-10, he had the opportunity to shoot a Cédric Kahn film, Vie sauvage. He was very interested in the cinema, in the theatre, frequented the Cinémathèque. But, over the years, the meetings, he preferred to move towards technique and image“, he confided.

Very willing to encourage him in this area, his parents gave him advice which the young man does not seem to have appreciated at first. She says: “I remember that when he chose his university he wanted to do philosophy. With his father, we told him ‘You should go to theater school, with people who share your passion… For him, it was the world upside down! Basically, he was encouraged to go to ‘wanker’ college. [Rires.] More than worrying, I was reassured to know where I was stepping, I had confidence in him.

I don’t want to complain all day

As for his younger brother Roxan, he also wanted to be an actor. Only once. Since an experience finally dissuaded him from doing this work. “Like his brother, he thought about being an actor but at the end of the filming of Hawaii he confided in me: ‘I don’t want to be an actor, I prefer the image, and then I don’t want to wait. and complain all day’ This gave me the right idea of ​​not preventing them from having their own experience.

As a reminder, the actress is currently in the movie I will always see your faces by Jeanne Henry and will be there Hawaii in theaters May 10. She will be there too A winter in the summer by Laetitia Masson, whose release date has yet to be revealed.

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