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Jeanne Herry: The daughter of Miou-Miou and Julien Clerc has inherited a lot of baggage!

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Jeanne Herry returns to the cinema with the third feature film she directs, “I will always see your faces”. His parents, Miou-Miou and Julien Clerc, are no strangers to his crazy passion for the seventh art.

Brilliant and highly acclaimed comeback for Jeanne Herry. Four years after the premiere of studentthat touched the hearts of the audience in 2018, the director returns to cinema with I will always see your faces. In this drama, starring a masterful Adèle Exarchopoulos, the filmmaker is interested this time in the associations that work around restorative justice by organizing meetings between victims and perpetrators of crimes.

My mother is an emotional actress

With this third feature film released on March 28, 2023, Jeanne Herry has definitely made a name for herself in the world of French seventh art. It is also making a name for itself. We would almost forget it, but the director is the daughter of two very popular celebrities in our country: Julien Clerc and Miou-Miou, who had a relationship between 1975 and 1981. The latter also acts in two of Jeanne’s films. as in one of his short films. “I was very pleased to find her in a denser character, where her game could develop, she explains in the columns of Miss Figaro She is an emotional actress who I also love to see play as a viewer.

Evolving in the shadows gives me exactly the notoriety I need

She inherited the talent. But not only. From her father Julien Clerc, Jeanne Herry inherited a certain sensitivity for music and the voices of the actresses and actors who perform for her. His mother Meow-Meow – Real name of Sylvette Herry – passed on to him a love of cinema, as well as a host of lovely founding values, such as “listen, a form of moral rectitude, but also infallible humor“, he admits. On the other hand, he never wanted to go to the other side of the camera, where the spotlight shines a little too much.”Being a director and moving in the shadows, right next to the light, gives me exactly the notoriety I need, she assures It would be hard to live with more, but with less it might taint my pride a little…

Find Jeanne Herry on April 1, 2023 on France 2’s “Quelle époque!” program.

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