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Alain Delon, his secret garden soon exposed to everyone’s eyes, his daughter Anouchka “infinitely happy”

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We know the movie monster that is Alain Delon, for all these roles that made him famous on the big screen. But the seventh art is not the only one that breaks the actor’s heart…

He’s not just a movie guy. Legend of the seventh art, Alain Delon is a true fan of everything, and maintains a special sensitivity for works of art, painting and drawing. Not as a performer, but as a collector. Today, the actor decides not to let all this beauty revolve around him.

A press conference was held this morning at the premises of Bonhams auctioneer Cornette Saint Cyr, who announces a traveling exhibition in order to make known to as many people as possible all the works in his personal reserve, this secret garden of a thousand colors that he cultivated for more than sixty years.

I bought my first drawing, exactly in 1964, in Londonrecalls Alain Delon in an official press release. Over the years I have been acquiring drawings, paintings and sculptures that have moved me, spoken to me and even sometimes comforted me. These works have accompanied me for many years and have been part of my life..” Today, the 87-year-old actor presents these masterpieces around the world, in the United States, Asia and Europe. The tour of the exhibition Alain Delon, 60 years of passion it will start in New York from May 5-9, then continue in Hong Kong from May 24-27 and finally in Geneva from June 1-3. Some pieces will eventually be sold at auction in the showrooms of Avenue Hoche, Bonhams Cornette Saint Cyr, on Thursday 22 June 2023.

These wonderful works shook my childhood

Rich in sculpted works and with a good corpus of drawings from the Italian Renaissance and rare plates by the great French masters of the 19th century, the Alain Delon collection consists of works signed by the great names in the history of art, such as Veronese. , Beccafumi, Corot, Delacroix, Millet, Dufy or Gleizes. “These wonderful works shook my childhoodremembers his daughter Anouchka Delon. Today I am infinitely happy for the world to discover them, after all these years spent in the privacy of my father’s collection. I know that they have been faithful companions, who have given him immense joy. Today, and this is the fate of any work of art, they will leave for new horizons, join other collections. I sincerely hope they are viewed with as much love as they have been for the past sixty years.

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