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“We call each other”: Patrick Chesnais and his relationship with death, confides in his traumatic experience

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In the pages of “Figaro”, to which he dedicated a portrait, Patrick Chesnais returned to a recent traumatic experience. A moment that made him question death.

“Patrick Chesnais, the funny and the serious“. That’s how Le Figaro has just titled the portrait he dedicates to the famous actor. In this article, the husband of Josiane Stoléru exposes himself, and talks especially about this traumatic experience that recently shook his life. In other words, its contamination with Covid-19. “That was three years ago almost to the day. I was one of the first to have the Covid “history channel”, meaning the first, the scathing one. he said to our companions, before confiding in this fear of dying.

“Because I am a hypochondriac, I called the whole planet through Doctolib. I was freaking out because I wondered when and especially if I would get out. Every day, there were many deaths, including the singer Christophe who was my age. So we say who’s next? Morally, it’s very depressing. But I had good immunity and I got away with it.” explained Patrick Chesnais. More fear than evil, then, for whom he had won the César for best supporting actor in 1989 for his composition in the reader by Michel Deville alongside Miou-Miou.

Embarrassed in front of Naomi Watts

During this interview he also talked about it letters of apology (The Archipelago Editions), this book that he has just published and in which he addresses all those whom he may have offended or hurt by his acts and gestures. A dead “excuse” that, however, has several meanings and meanings in this book: “Apology bias is obviously a way of talking about myself, my loved ones, my family, and many other things. For example, I apologize to the sun, to jazz, to Fiat brand cars, to Covid.”

A book in which he refers to several great personalities, such as the famous British actress Naomi Watts. The latter was one day the subject of inappropriate comments from the Brazilian actor and screenwriter who, around a dinner in which the English-speaking star also participated, “detailed the erotic promises of David Lynch’s muse“. But Patrick Chesnais and his table neighbor, conversing in French, had not realized that the actress spoke Molière’s language, and therefore understood perfectly what they said about her. A bad experience that undoubtedly lived as a lesson.

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