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“Not having the exclusivity of her husband”: Vanessa Demouy divorced Philippe Lellouche, these infidelities that hurt

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Vanessa Demouy, who celebrates her 50th birthday today, is now divorced from Philippe Lellouche, the father of her two children. If they are separated, it is mainly because the actor has been unfaithful to her.

Vanessa Demouy, who is now 50 years old, has lived some great years with Philippe Lellouche. But their paths have since diverged. Last February, the actress published on her networks a cake with the inscription “Just Divorced”, which means “just divorced” in English. A few years earlier, and this time in the columns of Gala, she explained to belegally separated” I “getting divorced” with the father of her two children Solal (19) and Sharlie (11).

An interview during which she particularly revealed the cause of this breakup, that is, the actor’s infidelity towards her: “Because one day I had not married to divorce, how I fought for a long time for my partner to resist, it was not easy to live. It takes two to want it. When one of the two resigns, a clear decision must be made. (…) I don’t know any woman who would happily accept not having her husband’s exclusivity…“A difficult test.

The only thing I held on to

Breaking the news to her children was also difficult, but they had the maturity to understand the situation: “We preferred to talk to them, to tell them the truth. His reaction was quite mature. I have the impression that they have taken the shock well, although we won’t really know for a few years. I had them see a psychiatrist once or twice, so they could express themselves freely.

Mature children, therefore, who also proved to be a great support for the one who had been discovered by the general public in Model class: “It’s the only thing I held on to after the shock, the lethargy when you realize we’re never going back. Today I am in the rebuilding phase and, as you can imagine, I find it very pleasant. Maybe for the first time in my life, I will think about myself and feel good. Since this interview, the divorce has therefore been registered and the actress seems relieved.

Since their split, she’s found love again with a man we don’t know anything about and who she went skiing with last February, while Philippe Lellouche fell in love with make-up artist and hairstylist Vanessa Boisjean.

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