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PHOTOS Charlotte de Turckheim: Strapless dress, horses and gorgeous guests… a fabulous wedding with Zaman

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Charlotte de Turckheim celebrates her 68th birthday on Wednesday, April 5, 2023. The actress has lived green and green times all these years. He has been married three times…

It is one of the best days of his life. Charlotte de Turckheim has been married since 2012 to her partner Zaman Hachemi. Time passes, but it is impossible for the actress to forget this date, this Friday, August 31, 2012, when she said “Yes“to her beloved and tender, to the man of her life. The lovers were united in the Provençal village of Eygalières during a colorful ceremony, surrounded by many loved ones, family and many friends.

On her wedding day to Zaman, the actress wore a sublime strapless gown by Rani Zakhem and designed by Alain Divert. Arriving standing in the back of a van, she had climbed the steps of the town hall on the arm of her father Arnaud de Turckheim – who died on February 10, 2018 – with a bouquet of saladelle in the other hand. Earlier, it was his brother, Amaury de Turckheim, who caused a sensation with an entry on horseback dressed as a gardian, accompanied by five other riders. Zaman had opted for a white Fiat 500. The guests, he had brought a cart transported by a tractor, in which they sang the title To flirt with you by Michel Delpech.

Never two without three

Among the guests, then we raised the presence of Armelle, Catherine Hosmalin, Bernard Montiel, Raphaël Lenglet or even Nathalie Garçon and her companion Medhi, all surrounded by curious villagers in front of such a parade. Charlotte de Turckheim’s family was then complete. Her three daughters, Júlia, Clara and Johanna, had dressed for thirty-one, all like their sisters and their mother Françoise. The ceremony took place in the wedding hall of the town hall. It had been directed by Claudine Leclercq, deputy mayor and friend of the bride. Charlotte de Turckheim had chosen, as witnesses, Marie-Françoise Colombani, editor-in-chief of she, and the author Marina de Baleine. It was the third marriage for the actress, who had previously been married to Jean-Noël Fenwick from 1975 to 1976 and then to Jean-Marc Piatonfather of three daughters.

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