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Renaud, in love: to “impress” his partner, he changes his life completely… one of his famous friends swings

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Discretion away from the spotlight is over for Renaud: at 70 years old, the singer is preparing to return to the stage in January for an outstanding tour. And for this great comeback, he would have completely changed his look, according to his entourage, who describe him in better shape than ever. It must be said that a certain “young woman” would not be foreign to him…

Since his split from Romane Serda (the mother of his 16-year-old son Malone) in 2011, he hasn’t met an official partner… but it looks like Renaud has finally found love! More discreet than ever in his fortress of Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, the singer would indeed live a beautiful story that would have made him want to sing again and return to the stage.

A romance with a mysterious”young woman“, probably the famous Cherry, whose face had been revealed in recent months according to her friend, singer Dave, who dropped the information during an interview with BFMTV. And she went even further: “He wants to impress her too. That’s what made him want to show that he knows how to do it and that he can do it.“, he said. A young woman who should be in the room for her first show at least, this Tuesday, January 24, in Avignon.

And for her, she would have even changed physically, getting back in shape, losing weight and even cutting her hair. Most importantly, he would have put an end to the addictions that have hurt him so much for many years. More alcohol, much less cigarettes that damage his voice and anxieties that calm him and allow him to return to the stage for an intimate show, as his pianist Alain Lanty recently confided.

I’m not the perfect parent

Renaud has the ability to expose himself. He is someone who gives up. Everyone knows what his addictions were. Everyone knows what were their pains, their joys, their sorrows. The fact of being naked, vocally and in his skin as a singer, does not bother him anymore“, he explained in particular to RTL.

An exciting new project for the public, but also for those close to us. His daughter Lolita was able to come to see him remarkably on several dates with his own daughter Héloïse, 11 years old. On the other hand, their youngest son, Malone, can be more difficult to carry: the singer recently confided that their relationship was “difficult“.”I’m not the perfect parent. He lives with his mother, I am most of the time in the south. This complicates things between us.”he explained to her Party of Paris in interview However, the boy listens to his father’s albums and the “worship“So all is not lost!

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