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Selena Gomez accused of lying about her partner: her fans do not forgive her for her latest outing

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Saturday, January 21, Selena Gomez and the singer of The Chainsmokers, Andrew Taggart were seen holding hands on the streets of New York. The 30-year-old singer and actress, who had denied a relationship on her social networks, was caught out in the act this weekend, a behavior that displeases her followers.

Selena Gomez fans set the web on fire this weekend showing their displeasure after the latest photos of Selena Gomez and Andrew Taggart holding hands on the streets of New York on January 21st were released.

Selena Gomez has been playing with the emotions of her fans for days. On Tuesday, January 17, the former Disney star and The Chainsmokers singer were seen for the first time during a date in New York in a casual outfit. This time, the couple saw each other again in the city of the Big Apple. The singer seemed to have stepped straight out of the series Wednesday in her all-black dress, platform shoes and a fringe. Andrew Taggart opted for a more streetwear outfit, in black and white with pants with a butterfly logo on the knees. A rather well-matched and particularly close duo of ‘friends’.

Between appearances and mixed reviews, Selena Gomez fans are wondering and complaining.

If some make fun of Selena Gomez on social networks, others go so far as to say that the singer is a liar. In fact, the performer of “bad liar” is for once a “bad liar”, since a few days earlier, On Thursday, January 19, the former Disney star had refuted the rumors via a photo posted to the deleted story shortly after. In the black and white photo we could see the hashtag I’m single“. That post, which seemed to undermine rumors of any relationship, is now being called into question following the 30-year-old’s recent appearances with the singer in New York.

A story that revolts part of his fans who are upset about not being taken seriously and that amuses another part of his community who is having fun with the situation. A Twitter parody page had fun making a montage of the couple kissing with the caption “ Selena Gomez and her BOYFRIEND Andrew Taggart“.

A complicated love life

Recently nominated for Best Lead Actress in a Comedy Series at Golden Globes, for the series Just killed in the buildingSelena Gomez has a professional situation that does not necessarily reflect her romantic situation… Forever associated with her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber, the artist, however, has long since turned the page.

In 2017, the American actress had a romance with Canadian singer The Weeknd, an idyll that lasted ten months in total. Selena Gomez was rumored to be dating One Direction singer Niall Horan in 2019 and Captain America actor Chris Evans in October 2021. While neither relationship has been formalized, the actress confirmed, however, that she was single in May 2022 via a TikTok and during the show. Saturday night live where he said he was desperately looking for love.

Andrew Taggart, meanwhile, has not spoken on social media about his relationship with selena gomez However, less than a month ago, the singer was in a relationship with Steve Jobs’ daughter, Eve Jobs. The latter had posted a photo of Andrew Taggart in honor of his birthday with the caption “happy birthday my lover“, but since the recent revelations, Eve Jobs has deactivated her Instagram account.

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