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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: Their powerful ally at the heart of rock star’s shock divorce

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Noel Gallagher and his ex-wife play Prince Harry and Meghan Markle! In the middle of a divorce after 22 years of relationship and 11 of marriage, the couple decided to hire a relative of King Charles III’s youngest son to defend them. A young woman who has built a solid reputation thanks to her famous clients…

If there’s one woman who shouldn’t be complaining about the hype surrounding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, it’s lawyer Jenny Afia: Her appearance in the Netflix docu-series earned her immense popularity and the appearance of new customers…even more rock’n’roll! In fact, according to The sunthe young woman would have been hired by the ex-wife of Noel Gallagher, co-founder of the Oasis group, to defend her in her divorce.

A sad separation that comes after 22 years of love and 11 years of marriage for the couple. But this seems to be a real statement for Sara McDonald, press officer and the author of the divorce. Precisely, the young woman explained that she wanted to enjoy life, party and have fun, while her husband was happy in his corner writing songs.

It was then that she thought of calling Jenny Afia: she, who specializes in reputation and public image, will help her throughout this divorce that promises to be difficult. In fact, the couple have two children together, the two teenagers Donovan (15) and Sonny (12), who live with them far from London in a small country town.

Liam and Noel, further and further apart

In fact, the couple had left their stunning home in the capital (sold for more than £9.6m) because they felt unsafe after several knife attacks. It must be said that in addition to his two children, Noel Gallagher also has a daughter, Anaïs (23), who lived with her mother but for whom he was afraid and felt “.Stress“despite his life in”a quite affluent neighborhood“.

A way for the musician to free himself a little more from his younger brother Liam, with whom he has not spoken since 2009: the former Oasis singer lives in the capital with 3 of his 4 children, including his daughter Molly (25 years). ), born from a quick affair and whom he only met as an adult, when she already had a good relationship with her brother Noel. His two sons Lennon (22) and Gene (20) also live with him, but the youngest, Gemma (10), also from an extramarital relationship, is in the United States with her mother.

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