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“My heart took a hit”: Fabienne Thibeault approached the worst, her husband and daughter by her side

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Singer Fabienne Thibeault (70) is recovering from quadruple bypass surgery after suffering discomfort. The artist gave his news after this heavy operation carried out on January 13 in Clermont-Ferrand.

Fabienne Thibeault gives her news after having escaped the worst. On her Facebook page, the singer and actress wanted to reassure those around her and her followers about her health, after suffering discomfort on the set of the film. Wash in Besse-et-Saint-Anastaise in the Rhone-Alps region. She underwent a major heart operation, having been hospitalized in time in Clermont-Ferrand.

At the time of leaving the CHU in Clermont Ferrand, bound for the cardiac rehabilitation center for a next step, I would like, with my husband Christian Montagnac and my daughter Zoé Khan-Thibeault, to thank you for your thoughtful messages , your kindness to my people, to us; it warms my heart, my poor broken heart, and gives me courage for the future. Thanks again to all the medical staff and services of the cardiac unit and a special thanks to my friend Sylvie Sannazzaro for her presence and support in Doudou. I kiss you, see you soont”, writes the unforgettable interpreter of the the world is stone in the musical Starmania. Therefore, she is surrounded by her husband and daughter Zoé, born from her relationship with Saüd Khan Khattak, who died in 2008.

Fabienne Thibeault’s good humor quickly took over, shortly after undergoing open-heart quadruple bypass. The operation was a perfect success and the singer has no sequelae. It remains to strictly follow the rehabilitation protocol. On her Facebook page, she reposted an article about her condition with this caption: “If you are sick.. all in Clermont Ferrand!! it’s for fun, of course!

Quebecois by birth, sixty-year-old artist Fabienne Thibeault, 70 years old, did not pass through France. He never left this country after the phenomenal success of the rock opera – which returned to the stage this winter – by Michel Berger and Luc Plamondon. “Closely linked to her adopted country, she even composed a musical tale In the land of the six riverswhich is based on the culture and imagination of Touraine and the Loire Valley”he pointed out Point about which he naturalized French in 2008.

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