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“Immediately”: Michel Sardou’s rather special marriage proposal to his wife, a memorable pressure shot!

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Michel Sardou has been married since 1999 to Anne-Marie Périer, former editor-in-chief of “Elle” magazine and the artist’s third wife. To ask for her hand in marriage, the legendary French singer didn’t go all the way.

At the height of his 75 years, Michel Sardou has already known several lives, including sentimental ones. If his musical career, although the subject of controversy, is already inscribed in the pantheon of the history of French song, his frankness and his multiple relationships are not left out. The tasty anecdote that follows is therefore inevitably in the image of the colorful character that he has been since his debut in the 60s.

As reported by our colleagues at the magazine Both of usthe cover of which is provided by the French singer and his wife Anne-Marie, through an article that traces the love life and vast career of the artist, Michel Sardou first married Françoise Pettré, professional dancer at the Châtelet and the Paris Opera in 1965. But while expecting a second child from the performer of I will love youhe is also about to become a father with his lover at the time, Elizabeth Haas, known as “Babette”.

It wasn’t until 1977 that the couple divorced, and Sardou married this famous Babette a few months later. Another child, already the fourth, and twenty years later, the singer divorced again, in 1998, following several infidelities. It was then that the former editor of the magazine she, Anne-Marie Périer, enters his life definitively, after a few flirtations several years before the formalization of the couple. The two lovers marry him

It’s yes or no, right now

This time is the right one. Michel Sardou has finally found what suits him, as the famous saying goes, and the couple continues today. But in the columns of the magazine, published this Tuesday, January 24, 2023, we also know how Michel Sardou proposed to his beloved and tender Anne-Marie, in his own way. So, while he was in New York, he telephoned his beloved and asked her: “would you marry me It’s yes or no, right now“. The answer is known to everyone, and the couple remains closer than ever. It was she who pushed the singer to resume his career, he who will go back on stage for a tour of France. from 3 of October

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