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Iris Mittenaere suspected of being in a relationship with a singing star: a rumor passed, with “someone nice”

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This Wednesday, January 25, 2022, Iris Mittenaere celebrates her 30th birthday under the Dubai sun with her fiance, influencer tycoon Diego El Glaoui. The one who in 2017 feared she would no longer find love went out with several men during her twenties and had even appeared very close to a famous French singer. A rumor he had quickly commented on…

Iris Mittenaere celebrates her thirtieth birthday this Wednesday, January 25, 2023, and for the occasion, the former beauty queen took the opportunity to celebrate this new milestone with her friends in Dubai, during the inauguration of theHotel Atlantis who welcomed the Queen of Pop on January 21st… Beyoncé!

What better program to celebrate your 30th birthday than to be in the company of your friends and your fiance on the white sand of the beaches of the Emirates. It’s been six months since the two lovers announced that they were getting married! It was on August 27, 2022, during a boat trip that his partner, the tycoon of influence, Diego El Glaoui, had made a magnificent marriage proposal to his Miss Universe.

Between concert, holiday in the sun and engagement, Iris Mittenaere has something to make her followers dream on her Instagram account. The one who in 2017 was afraid of not finding more love in relation to her status as Miss Universe now lives a very beautiful romance. After splitting from her ex-partner, Matthieu, Iris Mittenaere embraced her life as a young single with some apprehension despite her relief. In fact, six years ago he had declared that he wanted to have “two or three children before the age of 30”. a little anxious not finding love again after such a strong relationship, the Nord-Pas-de-Calais model had explained during this interview with our colleagues from Gala : “I think it’s a bit of the curse of Masses. It is very rare that they manage to stay in a relationship. After a while, we have nothing in common.

The relationship of Iris Mittenaere and a famous singer

She who was afraid of scaring men had not given up her social life before she had taken his heart. The brave gentleman was none other than singer Matt Pokora. The two French stars had been particularly close during the Roland Garros tournament. A few months before he met his future wife, the American actress Cristina MilianMatt Pokora was in very good company in the stands of the Porte d’Auteuil in May 2017. However, Miss France 2016 had preferred to quickly silence the love rumours, declaring: “He’s a friend, we’ve known each other for over a year. We don’t see each other often because, as you know, I’ve been busy. Matt is a nice person who I get along with very well. We don’t necessarily know each other well enough to build a love story. For now, we’re friends… It’s complicated when you live like me in New York… And then, I haven’t been with Matthieu for a very long time.

A rapprochement that had surprised more than one and the two friends had not been seen together after the publication of these images. However, they both remained subscribed to each other on their Instagram.

With Diego, it will soon be for life

If in the past Iris Mittenaere could scare some men, not her fiance Diago El Glaoui, CEO and co-founder of We are influence. On the other hand, we cannot say the same about the former partners of Jean Paul Gaultier’s muse… Her ex-boyfriend, the recruit of Dance with the starsAnthony Colette could not bear to be “constantly compared“to Miss Universe, he had explained closer. Iris Mittenaere also had a romantic relationship with Kev Adams, a romance about which she does not hesitate to joke in front of the camera, as in Singer of masks...

This complex love past is now behind Iris Mittenaere and the model has finally found a shoe that fits her but especially a ring on her finger. The couple plan to tie the knot in 2023, but in the meantime it’s under the Dubai sun that the duo are slowly getting ready for the festivities.

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