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“Living in the heart of Paris is no longer possible”: Amel Bent no longer wants to live in the capital, they revealed their reasons

Every Saturday evening, Amel Bent meets TF1 viewers for the new season of “The Voice”. Also on tour, which she had to suspend due to a small health problem, the singer confided in her life in the suburbs and what prompted her to leave Paris.

Living in Paris, more and more stars are giving it up, and the strike of a small part of the garbage, which has impressive consequences for the non-collection of garbage, risks convincing others to settle outside of the capital This choice to leave was made by Amel Bent.

Every Saturday evening on TF1 for the new season of The voice with Vianney, Bigflo and Oli and Zazie, Amel Bent delights the millions of viewers who follow the program hosted by Nikos Aliagas. And when she’s not in the TF1 studios to discover new talent, she’s in the suburbs of Paris where she comes home to her partner Patrick Antonelli and their three children: Sofia, Hana and little Zayn. .

Too much noise and too many people

During an interview withWomen’s Journal, the 37-year-old singer confided her choice to no longer live in Paris and the reasons that led her to make this decision. “I’m a suburbanite, so living in the heart of Paris is no longer possible. I lived there for two years but there was too much noise and too many people. It’s the town spirit that I like in the suburbs. because there is a reassuring side“, explains the artist first. Amel Bent even wanted to go somewhere else, far beyond the Parisian suburbs!”At one point I thought about leaving because I fell in love with a town called Carnon near Palavas les flots. I looked for a place but gave up because with my job it is difficult to leave“, she confides.

For those who follow Amel Bent on social media, the singer is particularly fond of this region in the south of France and regularly goes there with her family. Especially when the big summer holidays come around.

For his part, Amel Bent’s partner would see himself living far from Paris, he who is from Marseille. “My husband is from Marseille and would like to settle in the Mediterranean. But I like the device (laughs). I am a real Parisian suburbanite because I was born in the Bichat hospital in Porte de Saint-Ouen, so on the ring road! So it’s hard for me to imagine going anywhere else, but that can come later!“, she continues.

A stop tour

In addition to being part of the new season of The voice, Amel Bent is currently on tour, a project that is very close to her heart but which she was forced to temporarily suspend. Bad news announced on Instagram this week.

It hurts a little bit that I have to deal with“, he first announced in a story, adding to postpone two dates. The new dates are next June!”Hope to see you all healthy and happy.” he added, specifying that his boo was not “nothing means“.

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