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“To ban our children!” : Carla Bruni reveals a photo of herself without (any!) filter and gets angry

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When she was a model, Carla Bruni probably used retouching in her photographs. Now that her career is almost behind her, the former top model does not hesitate to look natural and even denounces the devastating effects that filters can have on the younger generations.

Far from other influencers who only post ultra-retouched photos on their Instagram accounts, Carla Bruni accepts her faults and small imperfections. Adept of naturalness and willing to show herself without makeup on social networks, Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife wanted to denounce the effects of photo editing applications that completely misrepresent reality. On March 19, 2023, the former supermodel revealed the changes that could be made with the filters. Concerned, she denounced the devastation that this type of application could cause, especially among the younger generation.

In the caption of a snapshot where we discover a portrait of her with and without retouching, she writes: “Here is the effect that this kind of filters offers us… it is no longer a question of softening the skin a little to improve but of pretending that we belong to the Kardashian family… We wonder which era claims that the seduction comes down to this face. Ban our children!

In the comments, many netizens congratulated the former model for daring to appear without a filter and denounce this type of practice. “Carla, it looks good how you are without all these filters..“, “Thanks Carla…dysmorphophobia on the rise“, “I love your natural beauty“, “The right words dear Carla!“, “Very well and thank you! You have to say it and you have to fight. And if adults can take a step back and again, we will produce a generation of children, teenagers… who will no longer accept themselves, and will want to look like filters at all costs. We create chain dysmorphophobia and self-loathing! Stop this vicious circle that will make you unhappy!“, we can read in the comments.

Interviewed by Vanity Fair in 2021 on beauty and seduction, the former first lady said: “I consider myself a normal woman. Beauty is very relative. I have seen so many beautiful women who have no charm… Do you know what is really sexy? charm And it has nothing to do with age. I try to keep mine. I look at Jane Fonda and say, “I want to be like her. So captivating that men and women think, ‘Whatever, I want to be 80 years old.’.“. Words that haven’t aged a bit!

Source : Pure People

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