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Louane is having a great time with a “mirror ball” look, her partner Florian Rossi commandeered by Stromae

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Currently in Brussels for the Stromae tour, Florian Rossi could not attend the birthday of Styleto, friend of the companion Louane. Stylish in an XXL glitter jacket, Esme’s mum spent an unforgettable evening at an aquarium.

On March 18, 2023, Louane dropped off her beautiful baby girl Esmée (soon to be 3 years old) to celebrate her friend, singer Styleto’s, birthday. Undermined as ever, the performer of the title i fly revealed in cinema with the film The Aries family she opted for a disco look worthy of the greatest Claudettes. All in black, she wore an oversized sequined jacket. Makeup to the side, she had teamed her beauty with her jacket with silver eye shadow.

Totally connected with her friend, dressed in a glittery dress, the two friends danced the night away to Styleto titles and posed for very vintage photos. “Happy birthday my love @styleto to friendship forever“, writes the former candidate of The voice in legend “Looks like it was a disco ball party too,” she comments in another photo. In any case, we would have liked to see Florian Rossi in a disco look on this birthday.

Away from her beloved Florian Rossi, who just did two dates (March 16 and 17) in Brussels for the Stromae tour, the pretty blonde went to meet him in the United States a few months ago with his daughter Having had a period of depression when she was younger, Louane is now living her best life and enjoying the present moment with her loved ones. “I expected my life like this, I imagined it like this, so I’m super happy. In the end, today, I totally have the life my 8-year-old mini-me dreamed of.“, he had also revealed on the podcast powerless.

A dream life for the young woman who also emerged from serious eating disorders. Healed from her childhood wounds and at peace with her body, Louane takes responsibility and is no longer ready to let herself be scorned by potential. haters that could judge his life or his physique. “I’m straight by the bootstraps, I’m good in my life. I’m happy. I have an amazing boyfriend, an amazing girlfriend. And I won’t let bitter people ruin it“, he confided Gala in 2021.

Full of Florian Rossi with whom she lives in a real bubble, she added: “To be honest, he (her partner) takes care of our daughter almost more than I do. At home, we never ask each other these kinds of questions. Who does the dishes? Who does the housework? We are in a relationship Once again , I know how lucky I am!

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