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Patrick Bruel outraged by a confusing rumor, his frank reaction: “I saw the fabricated images…”

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French singer Patrick Bruel was the guest of “Sud Radio” on March 17. Specifically, he returned to a rumor about him that had spread like wildfire on social media.

It has been almost 30 years since Patrick Bruel joined the Enfoirés troupe, for the annual performance in favor of the Les Restos du Coeur association. An infallible regularity that demonstrates his degree of involvement in the project. But after so much time spent within the collective of artists and benefactor personalities, he now seems like a real head of the organization. “They can’t fire me“, he had declared above all on this subject during an interview granted to our colleagues from Tele-leisure. “Since I started, I haven’t missed an edition but I haven’t missed a concert, Above all. I’m not saying that I usually come before rehearsals, but at least I try to make all the performances“, he developed.

So much so that some rumors have emerged on social networks. During a visit to Sud Radio station on March 17 in the program Culture in all its forms, he was asked about one of them in particular. The presenter of the program, Céline Alonzo, asks him like this: “There is currently a rumor going around on social media that you would have requested that resto du coeur distributions be reserved for those who have a full four-dose vaccination schedule. I absolutely want your response because it’s a buzz…

We will not leave it at that

What is the performer of the song Square of the great men reply: “No way !“Before we discuss:”This is total fake news! I saw the fabricated footage as if BFMTV had made a banner, even the channel people were outraged and so was I. obviously”.

Especially since it’s not the first time Patrick Bruel has been a victim of Internet deception, as he’s also had to deal with identity theft attempts. “Fake news, it’s not only that… There are also crooks hiding behind fake accounts to try and extract money in my name, there’s even a scam going on – watch out for it at Finca Leos (their wine estate, editor’s note). But all this will go to the police, and then to justice, because we won’t leave it like that. It’s a shame!“, the singer declared.

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