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Louane, the Dantesque birthday of Esme, her “fairy”: a grand and magical party, the proof in photos

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When he loves, he doesn’t count, even less when it comes to his daughter. Louane went all out for Esme’s birthday, just 3 years old. In the program, a big party and little details on the theme of fairies. An event that he revealed behind the scenes on his Instagram account.

Louane’s life changed three years ago. At the end of March 2020, the singer, now 26, gave birth to her first child. Her little girl, who goes by the sweet name of Esme, is the result of her relationship with the musician Florian Rossi. The young parents, completely crazy about their offspring, went all out for their third birthday, organized over the weekend with all their friends. On the program, huge cakes, dream decoration and a theme: fairies.

As revealed in her Instagram story (see our slideshow), Louane didn’t want to skimp on the decor. To do this, the artist turned to a company specialized in the preparation of events for adults and children. Great waterfall of arches and balloons, lots of cakes, green wall… Nothing has been left to chance. For its”little fairy“, Louane, real name Anne Peichert, put the small plates on the big ones. And apparently, the decoration had its small effect on one of the loves of her life.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are so efficient and exceptional. Thank you for my little fairy” Louane posted, aware that the day wouldn’t have been as magical and grand in her daughter’s eyes if these professionals hadn’t stepped in. Big sugar mushrooms, fake butterflies, blue and pink… Nothing was too pretty for like her big. – up baby and his playmates. What’s the name love till death in Louanne.

I’m a great mom

Since becoming a mother, Louane is not afraid to trust her new role as a mother and the relationship she maintains with Esmée. In addition, it is in a Zen and rather relaxed atmosphere that the little one flourishes at home: “I’m a great mom. If he has decided to put paste or paint on his head, he does. It is material. I’m just managing to limit the damage. You see: I let her explore, experiment. He does not impose his toys or his way of dressing. In fact, it does what it wants.” We have to believe that Esme repays him quite well: “Saturday: get up around 10 am with my companion. We are very lucky: our Esme likes to sleep in the morningshe said inside The Parisian weekend. This will make a lot of people jealous…

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