Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Louane reveals her new hair color and doesn’t let go of the latest hair trend!

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2023 is the year of change for Louane! A few weeks ago the 26-year-old singer showed off her brand new tattoo to her 1.1 million followers, now the former The Voice contestant is showing off a brand new face on her Instagram page.

The day after her “fairy” birthday, Esmée, her 3-year-old daughter, Louane, opted for a new hair color, a return to blonde that suits her perfectly. She also kept her latest haircut, the latest hair trend that everyone is raving about. A square called Boy Bob, a much more mature haircut. The one we discovered a few years ago on the set of The voice she went back to her roots (no pun intended) and went back to her famous blonde self.

It is in a sublime photo taken by hairstylist to the stars, Rudy Marmet, that Louane shared her new haircut on her Instagram with the caption: Blonde againIn this post that garnered over 11,000 likes in less than eleven hours, Louane opted for a T-shirt. oversized white Adidas branding, as well as light matte makeup that highlighted her beautiful golden highlights. Among the thousands of likes and comments, many stars validated the haircut, such as YouTuber and actress Adèle Castillon who approved this hair change in the comments, as well as director Eric Lartigau, who revealed it on the big screen in his movie The Aries family. They remained very close, as he is the former partner of one of his most faithful allies, Marina Foïs.

Louane obviously seems to be enjoying life to the fullest at the moment! With a tour of France, her life as a mother and her musical projects at all costs, at the age of 26, the singer seems to be on cloud nine. However, in an interview for The Parisian released on March 31, the star of There Aries family she returned to her tragic past as an orphan.

In the year of her 18th birthday, when she was just beginning her singing career, Louane’s parents were both taken away by illness. For the most part, the young artist is an orphan but explains in an interview for From seven to eight to have shut down completely in his career during this period of mourning: “I was very, very well surrounded and I really found myself at work. Because I needed to do something else. I think clearly, being able to focus on the record, go on tour quickly, I think that saved me a lot. It delayed things a bit in terms of grieving obviously and I broke out a bit later. But at that moment it gave me strength. It kept me in place and kept me going. And I think because of that, even though it took me a long time to cry, it was much sweeter.”

As of now, the mother-turned-singer is mainly focusing on her various roles as mother, partner, friend and artist. Indeed, on the occasion of her daughter Esmee’s three-year-old, Louane did everything possible and called on a company specializing in the preparation of events for the delight of the small family.

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