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Florent Pagny, this “double life” that he leads with the support of his wife: “Without her, I wouldn’t have been able to hold on…”

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Florent Pagny comes out of the water after months of fighting cancer. His wife, Azucena Camano, was a real pillar in this ordeal. But not only.

After months of fighting cancer, and despite the recent fear of recurrence, Florent Pagny is currently promoting his new project. The singer will release a book on April 5, 2023, titled Pagny de Florent published by Fayard, in which he reviews his battle. In the newspaper columns Le Figaro, the 61-year-old artist remembers that what has helped him endure, professionally and personally, both in the illness and in his day-to-day life, is this double life that he has been leading for years.

She brings me what I don’t have

Florent Pagny cultivated his freedom of thought elsewhere. If we see him regularly in France, especially in his red seat in the show The voice, is because he divides his life in two, between Paris and Patagonia. The coincidence and madness of the singer is that he met his beloved and tender, Azucena Camano, an Argentinian painter living in France… whom he brings back to South America as soon as possible. “A lot of success and notoriety can make you self-centeredremember I needed a valve. There, I’m no longer a person and it’s nice to build this other life close to nature. Without my wife, I could not have survived this long. She is my other half, she brings me what I don’t have. There is a before Azucena and an after.”

He combines the present by his side since 1993. With Azucena Camano, Florent Pagny experienced the happiness of being a father twice, welcoming Inca in 1996 and Aël in 1999. He married his beloved and tender in 2006 and thanks her every day having accepted this existence divided between two continents. “She always has the right advice, the right analysis, he poses It allows me to calm down or go even further. So I’m happy to be back in France, to regain my notoriety, to sign an autograph at customs. I had the opportunity to experience everything at once. When I’m there, this is where my songs play on the radio. My presence is permanent. If he had been an actor or an employee, this double life would not have been possible…

Find the full interview with Florent Pagny in the newspaper Le Figaro of April 4, 2023.

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