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“He started hitting me,” Barbara Pravi, a victim of domestic violence, says

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If at 29 Barbara Pravi is a successful artist, it has not always been easy in her private life. The singer, a victim of domestic violence, confided her painful past in “Konbini”.

It was my first love story“. At the beginning of April, Barbara Pravi confided in an interview for Konbini about their first toxic romantic relationships.

With gold disc, victory at the Victoires de la Musique, single platinum disc for its title So or an award for the best artistic performance, we can say that Barbara Pravi is under a lucky star. However, behind her beautiful smile and communicative joy hides a much darker past that the singer did not hesitate to explain.

We were coming back from a party, I had danced with a guy and he started insulting me because I was dancing with this guy. I didn’t understand why he was making me laugh. Just when I’m about to go home, he put me on the floor, got on top of me and started beating me“, explained the 29-year-old singer who was only 17 years old at the time of the events.

In this interview by Konbini, the artist of Serbian and Iranian origin confided in his relationship with love in his youth. Now invested in many associations that fight violence against women, Barbara Pravi also unfilteredly revealed the vicious circle in which she was locked for many years.

I was convinced that this was love

During the interview, Barbara Pravi explained that she had repeatedly fallen into toxic relationships. She also added that the only event that helped her walk away from that relationship for the first time was facing death: ” I realized this wasn’t love the moment I got beat up and I fell on the corner of the bed and I could have hit myself, I thought to myself, “Okay, actually, you could have died” .‘”

The one who defended the colors of France in May 2021 during Eurovision added that this experience did not make her “.strong“Or”rebel“, but it scared her, which led her to file a complaint for the first time. The young artist said that it was only the beginning of hell. For many years, Barbara Pravi was under the psychological influence of several men of his professional environment.

Fortunately, the singer managed to rebuild herself after these terrible experiences, mainly thanks to her work with the psychologist who “it helped her a lot“. Now, the composer is finally fulfilled and maintains a stable and healthy relationship with her companion. Indeed, in 2021, Barbara Pravi had opened the doors of her apartment to the magazine. SHE and had briefly evoked her idyll with a Spotify and Arte producer, whose identity still remains secret.

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