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Lio: Their coffers were rescued by one of their former hits, a famous brand behind this jackpot

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Lio did not expect to see a song she had sung in the 70s resurface and allow her to fill her coffers. However, this did happen. You can also thank a world famous brand…

Lio came out in 1979, who is now the mother of six children banana split. A piece that made an entire generation dance but that gradually fell into oblivion. But thanks to Apple, this song is getting a second wind. In fact, the famous American company has just used this old tube to promote the iPhone 14, either on social media or on prime-time television.

In this ad sport, accompanied by this scrolling title in the background, we can see a man using his yellow mobile – which is a direct reference to the title of the song – before suddenly taking the form of a character from cartoons and as explained. Pointwalk the streets with the notes of this popular hit“. A clip that has almost 17 million views on YouTube.

This ad is a cartoon. And Lio too, he’s a cartoon. The ad is funny and so is the song. Happy for the Banana Split and my apple, let’s stick to the fruit“, he rejoiced in the pages of the Parisian. This revival of his song will also allow him to rescue his coffers, the contracts negotiated by Apple always involve astronomical sums.That’s great, I think my accountant will be happy. He will put butter on the spinach“, he confided to the newspaper.

I am very worried

A refund that should do the artist a lot of good, she explained to the magazine Gala on March 24, gold did not roll. “I don’t live bad, but I live on a tight schedule. I don’t have any cash. I’ve never dealt with all that. QWhen I was making a good living, other people handled that aspect. Me, I’ve always lived in a suitcase, I’ve never stayed more than three years in the same place. I’m a nomad with all that that entails, especially when you’re over 20, and that’s probably why I feel so fragile. I have no anchor… I am very worried. I am a worried woman, she had explained.

Not forgetting that Lio is only an interpreter of his songs, and not an author. This means that your royalties on your music are minimal. On the microphone of RTL, he has already revealed that he only plays part of the Adami (Administration of the Rights of Performing Artists and Musicians)”between 5,000 and 12,000 euros per year“. So you can thank Apple for pointing the tip of your nose!

Source : Pure People

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