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“It’s not because she’s my daughter”: Julien Clerc, Jeanne’s proud father, rare secrets

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If all of Julien Clerc’s children have not followed his musical career, he is nevertheless proud of what they have achieved. Jeanne Herry, the daughter he had with Miou-Miou, has also made a name for himself in the world of cinema. The 75-year-old singer is also one of her biggest fans.

In life, you cannot force your children to do the same job as you. If, obviously, some have the opportunity to pass on their passion to their offspring (like David Hallyday, who could make Cameron a seed of a singer), others let them choose their path. Julien Clerc belongs to the second category. If his two sons, Barnabé, 27, and Léonard, 14, have obviously not started an artistic career, his three daughters have made that choice.

Vanille, 35 years old, is a singer. Jeanne and Angèle Herry, who had with the actress Miou-Miou, took the path of cinema. One of them is also at the center of the news at the moment. For good reason, his film I will always see your faces, with Leïla Bekhti, Adèle Exarchopoulos, Miou-Miou or even Gilles Lellouche and Fred Testot, has been a real success in cinemas since its release on March 29. Julien Clerc had the right to see the feature film and so to say that he is very proud of the result.

On Twitter, Hélène Grémillon’s partner even spoke (rarely enough to be underlined) to encourage the public to rush to the cinema to discover this work: “It’s not because she’s my daughter, but here’s the (exceptional) movie I advise you to go see! Julian“It must be said that the production deals with a topic that few people talk about: that of restorative justice, which consists of bringing a victim face to face with his executioner to try to heal the trauma by giving explanations. A project in which Jeanne Harry spun his mother around.

She is an amazing actress

The shooting thus allowed the mother and daughter to reunite after having cooperated student. Jeanne Herry has no regrets about using her talents, she reported Party of Paris : “I was really looking forward to working with Miou-Miou again. Maybe it’s my mom, but she’s an amazing actress. I wanted to give her time to play, to be able to film her for a long time, to listen to her and watch her. She knows how to be shy so wellThis professional reunion has allowed him to be even more present for his mother in the delicate ordeal she is going through. Last October, his lifelong companion, the author Jean Teulé, died in his arms, as a result of food poisoning, a trauma that even all the love in the world struggles to heal…

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