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Renaud shares his life with two men, revealed his daily life: “It was difficult to manage”

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Renaud Séchan is a happy and loving man. However, it is not his companion Cerise who is found every morning, at home, at breakfast time.

In the latest news, he was in a relationship with a young lady with the sweet nickname of Cherry. But it is not with her that he shares his entire daily life. Not exactly. As we can learn in a documentary dedicated to the singer, which will be broadcast on Monday, April 10, 2023 on BFMTV, Renaud Séchan lives… with two men! “He is accompanied by two guardian angels. This is the name he gives to Bloodi and Pierre“explains Didier Varrod, musical director of the Radio France antennas, in these unpublished images of the program red line.

In this approximately one-hour episode, viewers will discover Renaud Séchan from all angles. His childhood, his moments of joy, but also his dark periods and these demons. All that now seems to be behind us, especially thanks to the unfailing support of Pierre Tarde and Bloodi. But who are the two mysterious men in her life? They are simply two fans who have transcended certain barriers and integrated the artist’s day-to-day life. They operate on a kind of shared custody and “protect him, love him“, do it “keep going“.

Renaud has his anxieties, his moments of doubt, with periods when there was alcohol

“We do every two weeks, explains Pierre Tarde, according to reports Entertainment TV. We live with him and we are with him 24 hours a day. Driver, protection, confidante, friend, cook if necessary. I live in Allier and kept my postman job. meIt’s not just sequins. Renaud also has his anxieties, his moments of doubt, with periods when there was alcohol. It was difficult to manage. We had to find solutions to prevent him from drinking. vsit was also part of the job”. In 2019, the former colleague of Romane Serda had mentioned in the columns of the newspaper The Parisian the existence of two people thanks to whom it was “never alone“. “They have a fun life, he confessed It’s not easy, a week here, a week with his family. Sometimes they come with their children and it’s very nice. It’s the first time I’ve had assistants.” The mystery is finally solved…

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