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Carla Bruni: Giulia, adorable “doll” with endless long hair, caught in the act of hugging

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From the still passionate love story between Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy, Giulia was born in 2011. The little one hasn’t been a baby for a long time and, precisely, it flies by very quickly. In any case, this is what we have been able to verify thanks to the latest photos published by the singer on her Instagram account.

The youngest of Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy does it like a charm. Since she was 11 years old, Giulia Sarkozy has grown up well and continues to amaze her parents and the couple’s followers. This Wednesday, April 5, the 55-year-old singer captured a moment of love between the little girl and the family’s dog and cat. If the faces of the animals are clearly visible, Giulia’s face is obviously hidden. From behind, we discover her hugging the two furry animals tightly in her arms, reflecting all the tenderness of the mornings at the Bruni-Sarkozys.

In these two affectionate moments, Giulia wears endless blonde hair in a ponytail that goes down the middle of her back. Netizens were amazed: “Such a cute doll”, “What a beautiful princess Giulia”, “Blonde! A little sunshine’, ‘Like her mother, graceful’, ‘Keep your hair long, it’s beautiful’, ‘Giulia must be gorgeous and what beautiful hair’, ‘Splendid hair’, ‘How wonderful’..”

It is enough to say that Giulia, in these complicated times, must bring a lot of love, light and joy to her parents, affected by the serial disappearances of the last few months. Pal Sarkozy, father of the former president of the Republic, died on March 4 at the age of 94. A death inscribed in the logic of things that obviously affected the clan. It was the maximum in person who had confirmed, at the time, the sad news on social networks. A month later, the grief is still very present but Giulia’s presence softens the difficult days and happiness seems to have finally returned. On April 1st, the clan celebrated the 93rd birthday of Marisa Bruni-Tedeschi, a celebration rich in emotion and happy events as this day also marked the birthday of Consuelo Remmert, Carla’s half-sister, as well as the his marriage to his companion Alexis Gurdjian. . A much needed clan meeting that did a lot of good for morale!

Giulia, an already established personality

Little Giulia, not so little as that, seems to have inherited all the talents of her famous mother. Whether it’s the song or looking naturally elegant like her mother, the 11-year-old is preparing for the future. However, it is still not very accurate given the number of areas in which she seems to be more than comfortable. If on Wednesdays he has fun stealing things from his mother’s closet, he takes equal pleasure in parades, dancing, showing his flexibility or his love for animals. As for politics, it’s too early to tell if Giulia is interested. But whatever happens, we have no doubt her father will be very proud of her.

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