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Daft Punk: the co-founder of the duo and companion of a great actress surprises with an open face

It is an event rare enough to emphasize that it just happened this Wednesday, April 5th on the airwaves of “France Inter”. In fact, one of the two members of the legendary electro duo known as “Daft Punk” has just made an undisclosed appearance.

Thanks to tubes that have become planetariums around the world, Again, Good luck or Love at first sight, Daft Punk have established themselves over the years, and since the 90s, as one of the absolute benchmarks of electro music. Notoriety above all for their uniqueness, they who had as a signature their metal helmets, which allowed them to remain anonymous while knowing the glory. But this Wednesday, April 5, Thomas Bangalter, one of the two musicians, appeared with his face uncovered on the airwaves of France Inter.

And if he has already appeared publicly without a helmet, especially in the stands of the Stade de France to attend a Blues match, this remains a very rare occurrence. During this interview, the 48-year-old artist, who had come for the publication of his first solo album entitled Mythologiesreturned at the end of Daft Punk, which occurred in 2021.”I’m so glad I closed it“, he explained, about this story lived for almost 30 years with his partner Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo.

We didn’t see anything

Thomas Bangalter also made some secrets about these famous helmets, which have always aroused the curiosity of fans. An addition that can not be regretted, as it allowed his group to sublimate his image, but still trusted that at the time he could disturb them on stage, especially in terms of visibility: “We played at the Bercy, but I didn’t see anything! meVisibility was very low in the helmets, you couldn’t see anything. We navigated between fiction and reality (…). We’re very focused on the show and ultimately don’t look at the audience as much.”

A helmet that still had some advantages for Thomas Bangalter, among them not living his celebrity and that of his partner, the great actress Élodie Bouchez, as a daily handicap. “Since we’re not too busy ourselves, our boys (Tara-Jay, born 2002, and Roxan, born 2008) benefit.They also go to a local public school. Of course we could enroll them in establishments where there are only children like them, we have nothing against that, but at the moment we don’t see the need.“, the actress had remarkably explained in the pages of Gala a few years ago, when his beloved was still active with his legendary group.

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