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Rachida Dati, her daughter Zohra, resentful, assertive teenager: ‘I’ve been angry for a week’

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Rachida Dati is a strong woman, determined not to be trampled on in all areas, but above all she is the mother of 14-year-old Zohra, a teenager whose opinion she takes into account to avoid confrontations and breakups.

If being a parent is not relaxing in the first years, the ones that follow are also intense in another genre. Adolescence is the period that families dread and no one escapes. Whether you are famous or not, from all walks of life, entering the ungrateful age is a delicate period that often leads to conflict. Rachida Dati testifies to this. Mother to 14-year-old Zohra, the famous Parisian elect has proved that her daughter had inherited her fiery temper.

When the young woman is not happy, she makes it known and any means is good. As a politician and mayor of the 7th arrondissement of Paris, Rachida Dati is a frequent guest on television programs such as Every day, program presented by Yann Barthès on TMC and appreciated by the youngest. An exercise he practices as little as possible, aware of the consequences it will have on his relationship with Zohra: “Every time I go on Quotidien or a show that teenagers watch, I get angry for a week, she says Punt.fr. She thinks I do too much. She is embarrassed in front of her friends the next day at college. It’s not about forcing this on him.

Zohra, little protégé of Rachida Dati

If he inherited the strength of character from his famous mother, the teenager also built it through the many attacks he suffered at school. In particular, she suffered moral harassment from her peers, a scourge that took her straight to the hospital at the time: “It was very embarrassing. I tried to protect her from this, but she went through her entire primary education, changing schools every year. Because of this history of harassment. She was harassed by a small boy, the son of a personality. He ended up at Necker Hospital. Is this what women’s freedom is? What do we attack this girl?“, Rachida Dati confided in 2021 to France Inter.

For Rachida Dati, attacking the weak is out of the question. If she willingly accepts criticism and low blows towards her, let’s not touch her daughter: “I escaped violence, brutality, attacks, terrible material conditions. I have worked full time since I was 14. I got this girl in good condition. I say to myself: ‘Why do we want to destroy it?’ So I protected her from that, I never exposed her. I found it very undignified and I did not want to give in. The limit was my daughter’s heart.“A mother above all.

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