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“I don’t know what to expect”: Brigitte Macron facing the unknown with Emmanuel Macron, a very vague future

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Brigitte Macron was the distinguished guest of RTL Matin this Wednesday, January 25. The chance for the first lady to talk about The Yellow Pieces operation of which she is president and to talk about her future with her husband Emmanuel Macron, once his stay at the Elysée Palace is over.

Operation Pieces Jaunes is in full swing, good news for Brigitte Macron, first lady of France and president of the association alongside the ambassador and coach of the French national football team, Didier Deschamps. On January 11, the shock duo were in Nice, along with the city’s mayor Christian Estrosi and his wife Laura Tenoudji, to formalize the launch of the operation and the fundraising. A particular and above all very important mission that had come to talk to Amandine Bégot on the airwaves of RTL radio this Wednesday, January 25.

His host wasn’t just mentioning the partnership. He also ventured into the field of Elysian life. A topic that Brigitte Macron is far from wanting to leave aside. Frank and honest, the first lady has not been deflated about her daily life at 55 rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré and if there is one thing she is not about to forget, it is the frenetic pace imposed by the life in the Elysee: “It never stops, night and day, all the time. I didn’t imagine this uninterrupted flow and how you have to manage everything constantly. there is never calm.”

What’s next for the presidential couple? In just over four years, Emmanuel Macron will cede his position as President of the Republic to another after two terms. It’s not enough to scare the very laid-back first lady, who prefers to manage her priorities before worrying about the rest of the moment: “I don’t question myself, I don’t ask myself the question. I don’t think about the after. because at first I can’t imagine him, I don’t know what he will do. With him, life has always held many surprises for me, to say the least..”

Brigitte Macron, an attentive ear

The first lady is adamant. Where power can change many people, Emmanuel Macron has remained true to his personality and his values: “It didn’t change it, it’s basically what it’s always beenBrigitte Macron has also taken advantage of her time at RTL to clarify her role and define it. Contrary to what many may think, she has no power over the decisions of her husband, French people she has had the opportunity to meet during his adventures as first lady If it can help the country improve, Brigitte Macron is ready for anything: “I really wish France was well. I really love this country, measure all its assets and really want it to feel good and live up to what it is.

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