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Isabelle Balkany – who suffers from pancreatic cancer, will benefit from a measure of conditional release

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While her husband Patrick Balkany has just made a terrible announcement about the state of health of his wife Isabelle, the latter will finally benefit from a measure of conditional release, we learned this Friday, March 3.

Isabelle Balkany, former assistant of Levallois-Perret (Hauts-de-Seine) sentenced to prison for tax evasion with her husband Patrick Balkany, will benefit from conditional release from March 6, as we learned this Friday 3 March .

The former elected LR were serving their sentence, imposed in May 2020 in the first part of the case, with an electronic bracelet at their residence in Giverny (Eure) until this measure was revoked in February 2022 due to numerous breaches.

If Patrick Balkany was re-incarcerated from February to August 2022, his wife, who had been hospitalized for some time and had announced that she was suffering from lung cancer, was not arrested. This week, Ms Balkany hinted on Twitter that she now has pancreatic cancer. A news also shared by her husband.

According to the prosecutor of Évreux, Rémi Coutin, asked by AFP, the lawyer of Isabelle Balkany had seized the judge of execution of the sentence (JAP) of Évreux to request “suspension of the sentence for medical reasons“The judge denied that request this week”but granted conditional release to Ms. Balkany from March 6, a position in accordance with the requirements of the prosecution“, emphasizes Mr. Coutin.

Mrs. Balkany will have to respect certain obligations, mainly the fact of reimbursing the amounts owed to the Tax Administration but also the fact of requesting prior authorization before any trip abroad or even responding to subpoenas of the JAP and to remain domiciled in Giverny.“, he adds about his magnificent mill.

Isabelle Balkany will not go to prison

If Ms. Balkany behaves reasonably, this is certainly the last step in the execution of this sentence.“, estimates the prosecutor of Évreux. “This case is now over. Isabelle Balkany, who has not been arrested, will not go to prison“, for his part, the latter’s lawyer, Me Pierre-Olivier Sur, was happy, interviewed by AFP.

Last January, the Paris Court of Appeal reduced the sentences of Patrick and Isabelle Balkany for money laundering and tax evasion and pronounced a confusion of the sentences with those imposed for tax evasion in the first part of the case . They were respectively sentenced to four and a half years and three and a half years in prison, as well as a fine of 100,000 euros each and ten years of disqualification.

Finally, the Balkany couple was sentenced to pay 400,000 euros in damages to the State, a much reduced amount compared to the million euros pronounced in May 2020. Patrick Balkany, 74, is also sued in two other cases in Nanterre for suspected embezzlement of public funds and abuse of corporate assets.

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