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“The guards told me…”: Why Patrick Balkany couldn’t access the prison’s VIP patio

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Patrick Balkany gave an interview to our colleagues from “Paris Match” in its edition of Thursday, March 23, 2023. He mainly returns to his time in prison for “tax fraud”.

Patrick Balkany went to prison twice after being convicted of “tax fraud“The latter. An experience of which he does not necessarily have a good memory. In any case, this is what he declared to our colleagues from the specialized magazine. Party of Paris in its edition of Thursday March 23, 2023.

The worst is the hospital-prison of Salpêtrière. You can’t cook your own food, open the window, smoke. The hospital, there’s nothing, you eat crap like everyone else. I left Fleury weighing 72 kilos. I’m 79 today and I’m better. There I only spoke to the guards, nurses and the doctor. But I knew it would come out. And then my father was deported to Auschwitz for two years and seven months, that puts things into perspective“, declares on this subject the former deputy mayor of Levallois and husband of Isabelle Balkany, his former first assistant.

He takes the opportunity to reveal details of his arrest. “Reading was very difficult. There are sick people who cry. Some want to kill themselves, set fire to their cell. you are not sleeping They also put big radios in the window and piss everyone off“, remembers the politician “tenant” of a mill in Giverny”.I have always been in isolation. At La Santé there is a small courtyard supposedly ‘VIP’. But with the arrivals just above! The guards told me: ‘Don’t go there, they have smart phones and you will have your picture in all the papers.“, continues Patrick Balkany.

More tests to come?

I’ve never been there. I went out for a quarter of an hour a day, to the infirmary, to have my blood pressure taken. When he left, I learned that Salah Abdeslam was in a cell next door“specifies the 74-year-old man. Fortunately for him, Patrick Balkany is now out of prison. He continues to be with his wife Isabelle Balkany, who suffers from pancreatic cancer. However, he is still under review for”misuse of corporate assets“, “taking illegal interest” or “embezzlement of public funds“.

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