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“It’s not fun”: Olivier Dussopt, Minister of Labor, leaves in the midst of pension reform

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Labor Minister for almost a year, Olivier Dussopt is associated with the very unpopular pension reform. However, it is for a completely different issue that he is in the spotlight: his coming out that he did during an interview for the magazine “Têtu”.

Olivier Dussopt appeared in the news for completely different reasons: the pension reform that puts the country in a very tense social situation, especially since the use of 49.3. The Minister of Labor in the government of Elisabeth Borne singled him out for his interview for the magazine Stubborn. In this interview, the 44-year-old politician publicly revealed his homosexuality.

The minister wants to be clear:Being gay is never neutral, but you have the right to defend causes, to campaign, to participate in the debate without making your personal situation a political element in itself. He explains that his private life “It’s not a secret or a topic“. Add: “I can assure you that in the insults I have been receiving in recent weeks, there have been many homophobic comments.“An issue he deals with as protests intensifies against the state. What do you think is political fun?”The deflection policy does not work. If this interview had been done at a different time, I would have given you the same answers.

In this interview, Olivier Dussopt also raised the issue of surrogacy but also of marriage for all. Têtu reminds him that during the approval of this law, homophobic statements were made within the government itself. For him, mentalities are changing: “To know most of them, their positions have been evolving, like those of society, and we should rejoice. Everyone can change. There must be a statute of limitations for everything: it is like for justice, when criminal acts are sanctioned, when the sentence is served, it is served. We will not mark people for life.”

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