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“It would be good not even to say…”: Apolline de Malherbe embarrasses her guest with a prickly question

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Apolline de Malherbe welcomed the member of La France Insoumise, Mathilde Panot, on her program “Face à Face” on BFMTV this Tuesday, March 28, 2023. And the journalist confronted her about her recent controversial statements. What bothers the main stakeholder.

After breaking up with Olivier Véran the day before, Apolline de Malherbe welcomed Mathilde Panot to her show on Tuesday face to face on BFMTV-RMC. And the member of La France Insoumise was invited to speak about the violent clashes that took place on Saturday, during a rally in Sainte-Soline, against a megabasin project. Police and protesters then clashed and many injuries were reported. A 30-year-old protester was a victim of violent head trauma and is between life and death. A critical condition that has not yet evolved. Outside, the day after this rally, Mathilde Panot shared false information that could have caused a lot of harm.

Yesterday, Mathilde Panot, you were present at the blockade of the incinerator in Ivry with the strikers to oppose the confiscation of the incinerator and there, while talking to journalists, you stopped everything to announce, on the microphone of BFMTV in specific and we didn’t broadcast it out of respect for the family, but you announced at the time: ‘I’ve just heard that the protester has died, I’m horrified to learn, so until ‘where are we going’. Do you regret saying that yesterday?“, that’s why Apolline de Malherbe asked.

You could have been live!

A question that embarrassed Mathilde Panot, who would have preferred not to return to the subject. “Of course I regret it… Besides, I think it would be good not to say it in this interview“, she threw at him.”But you could have been live Mathilde Panot! You were on the microphone of several media! I just wanted to understand why you said that.“, the journalist then replied.

Wait, Mrs. de Malherbe, I’m trying to explain myself! When I got to the picket line to block the biggest incinerator in Europe, this is information they gave me, and about which right after they saw me again, and I immediately went to see the journalists who they told them: ‘everything stopped. , the information is not confirmed!‘, he defended LFI’s policy. I in no way wish, if that’s what you’re trying to make me say, that this protester was dead.“.

Mathilde Panot again focused the debate on the Minister of the Interior Gerald Darmanin, whom she accuses of having deliberately chosen to ask “over 4,000 grenades and deploy 3,000 police to protect a hole in the ground“, to the detriment of the 30,000 demonstrators present.

Source : Pure People

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