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Brigitte Macron presents her new hairstyle: the first lady dares a sensational look for the Queen of Norway!

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Brigitte Macron met Queen Sonja of Norway on Wednesday March 29, 2023 at the Museum of Modern Art to unveil the retrospective dedicated to the artist Anna-Eva Bergman. The first lady of France had adopted, for the occasion, a new hairstyle.

We were a hair away from not recognizing her! Since she resides on the Elysée, and became a public figure at the same time as her husband became President of the Republic, Brigitte Macron is faithful to her hair habits. Ash blonde hair with highlights, carefully cut into a long square with a signature fringe… this is the look that the former literature teacher adopts at least on her outings. A woman of taste, a true icon of fashion scrutinized around the world, the first lady of France, however, has decided to treat herself to a little refreshment during the visit of Queen Sonja of Norway.

Brigitte Macron should have exchanged pleasantries with King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla…but the latter canceled her visit to our borders at the last minute due to strike movements challenging reform of pensions Here they are in Germany. In France, on the other hand, a very warm welcome was reserved for the Norwegian Sonja, who had the opportunity to meet the wife of Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday, March 29, 2023 at the Museum of Modern Art, located in the district XVI. Paris The Scandinavian sovereign had arranged an appointment with Brigitte Macron in this high place of culture so that they could discover together the retrospective dedicated to the Norwegian artist Anna-Eva Bergman.

The accessory that makes all the difference

Long black coat, pumps to match, Brigitte Macron represents French elegance for any occasion. In the few photos circulating on social media, we can even see that our first lady has added an unusual accessory to her panoply of addicted to fashion : a sleek, retro, rectangular bang placed at the back of her domed hairstyle. Hair tied back in a low ponytail, Emmanuel Macron’s wife shows that she follows the latest trends to the letter as the year 2023 marks the return of headbands, tiaras and other hair jewelry beloved in the 1990s.

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