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Patrick and Isabelle Balkany, a necessary fine for the dissemination of sexual images: they may not pay…

This Tuesday, April 4, Patrick Balkany appeared alone at the Nanterre Criminal Court. He is suspected, with his wife Isabelle Balkany, of having spread sexual images of a former deputy, an accusation they have denied but for which they may have to pay a heavy fine. Or not

There is no respite for the Balkany couple. The former mayor of Levallois-Perret was scheduled to appear in the Nanterre Criminal Court on Tuesday, April 4. Summoned by the correctional ward number 14, Patrick Balkany, who came without his wife, in the middle of the fight against the disease, had to answer the accusations of broadcasting sexual images about David-Xavier Weiss, his former deputy which became that of the current mayor. . , Agnes Pottier-Dumas.

The case dates back to February 2021. According to Patrick Balkany, who had not been mayor of Levallois for a year, his wife received four photos of the deputy from a representative of the Senate.screenshots showing the site name“former elected official reveals. These images, Patrick Balkany judges them”dirty“I”really shocking” and then transmits them, and among others, to what happened to him: “When you have a business, or a council, it’s important to know what an MP does. If it had been me, I would have quit without further ado.“, he said according to comments reported by the Parisian.

The reason for a possible revenge presented by the judges is quickly dismissed by Patrick Balkany. At the time, David-Xavier Weiss celebrated the pair’s conviction for tax evasion and their placement under an electronic bracelet: “Little by little, justice is doing its job. Confined to their mansion, they will no longer pollute the city of Levallois.” A fine of 20,000 euros – 10,000 euros for Isabelle Balkany, 10,000 euros for Patrick Balkany – is required from the spouses, a sum that it is very likely that they will not pay.

A “biased and incomplete” investigation.

It remains to be clarified whether the photos sent are not the result of a photomontage, which Patrick Balkany would have tried to find out by sending the photos to two more specialists in the field. But no one has been able to decide. “In this case, difficult to prosecute and convict for this reason. If it wasn’t a photomontage, Patrick Balkany would have committed an invasion of privacy. But on the condition that you actually posted the images and not just sent them to a few people. And as long as above all that the plaintiff has not withdrawn his complaint“reveals the Parisian.

But David-Xavier Weiss has effectively withdrawn his complaint, which means that the crime in question can no longer be tried. Arguments that the lawyers of Patrick and Isabelle Balkany, considering the investigation “partial and incomplete“, they’ve obviously made progress: “Without the certainty that there will be photomontage, you need to relax.The verdict is expected on June 6.

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