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Silvio Berlusconi admitted to intensive care, the former president admitted twice in a few days

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Silvio Berlusconi has had a series of health problems in recent months. The Italian politician, 86 years old, had just left the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan. He had to get back there urgently.

The Italian right is reeling. Silvio Berlusconi, former leader of the government and current president of the party Forza Italy, just entered the hospital. The 86-year-old politician is currently being treated by a cardiac surgery unit at the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, Lombardy. Victim of “cardiovascular problems“, he would have been transferred to intensive care on Wednesday, April 5, 2023 and would be, according to several local media, including the Ansa news agency, in a”stable state“.

Back and forth to the hospital

This is a second hospitalization, in a few days, for Silvio Berlusconi. What we call the knight he was already at San Raffaele Hospital in Milan – his hometown to make a fewmedical checks“. He was discharged on March 30, here he is back, already. In recent months, Silvio Berlusconi has chained health problems. He had been admitted for more than three weeks in April 2021 due to sequelae due to ‘a Covid-19 infection which he had previously contracted in September 2020. He had also undergone major open heart surgery prior to this in 2016.

The heart would therefore be his weak point. Fortunately, whoever makes him beat is always by his side, to support him in this kind of ordeal. The latest news, Silvio Berlusconi would be in a relationship with Marta Fascina, a young member of his party who is fifty years younger than him and who looks like two drops of water to the Snow Queen. He had known some romantic disappointments before. The president of the party Strength Italy he had been married to Carla Dell’Oglio with whom he had two children, Maria Elvira Marina in 1966 and Pier Silvio in 1969. He had had an affair with the actress Veronica Lario, whom he eventually married and with whom he had Eleonora in 1986 and Luigi. in 1988. Before meeting Marta, his current partner, he had been in a relationship with a young activist from his party, Francesca Pascale, for 12 years.

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