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Bernard Tapie, a cancer victim, Brigitte Macron had to lie to him for his sake: “It won’t be possible!”

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His rants were famous and cancer certainly didn’t stop him from getting mustard up his nose. One day, while in the hospital, Bernard Tapie calmed down…thanks to our first lady, Brigitte Macron!

They hoped, until the end, that it would come out. Suffering from metastatic cancer, Bernard Tapie was not a big fan of medical facilities, even though they were sometimes necessary for his well-being. On October 3, 2021, the 78-year-old businessman finally died after going through a checkered health journey, which he never hesitated to mention in the media, despite sometimes having some difficulty speaking . In the columns of the magazine Gala, his son Stéphane especially remembers the subterfuges that the family sometimes had to use to force him to stay in the hospital. Including once with the help of the first lady of France!

He was in poor condition due to his loss of appetite and malnutrition

At one point, he found himself in poor condition following his loss of appetite and malnutritionremember His wife Dominique, his other children and I got together to convince him to change his mind, to accept morphine and infusions, to no avail. He was supposed to go out on a Thursday when he yelled that he was sick of it, and decided he would go home two days early, on Tuesday. Concerned, his oncologist takes me aside and says, ‘I’d like to write him before I let him out, can’t you convince him to have morphine?This is where Brigitte Macron agreed to step in, for the good of all, even if it means having to bend the truth.

She didn’t consider the question for a long time

Turns out the first lady had to go to the hospital to meet with Bernard Tapie … and she agreed to postpone her date to force him to stay, even if it meant having to lie to him, while this practice goes completely against his principles: It won’t be possible, I won’t lie.. “She didn’t consider the question for a long timerecalls Stéphane Tapie. I go back to my dad’s room and right away his phone starts ringing, he looks who’s calling and winks at me. It was the First Lady… I didn’t hear what arguments she used to justify this postponement of the visit, but on the other hand I heard Tapie exclaim: ‘Okay, heard for Thursday morning at the hospital !’ It was always a win!“An evil for a good…

Find the full interview with Stéphane Tapie in Gala magazine n°1543 of January 5, 2023.

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