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“I hesitated between sex and drugs”: Carla Bruni freewheeling at a dinner… Too much provocation in front of Nicolas Sarkozy?

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Guest on Rose’s “Contre-Addictions” podcast, Carla Bruni opened up. His little sin, alcohol. And when he drinks, he starts telling all the truths. At a dinner this summer, he did not spare his host. Provocation too much under the eyes of Nicolas Sarkozy?

Guest by singer Rose on her podcast Contradictions, Carla Bruni has come to talk about her addictions, between love, men and alcohol, this Thursday, January 5. Alcohol, an addiction that he left behind, as he trusted, at the beginning of the Dry January. If she admits to a relapse once a month, she told an excellent anecdote that took place this summer, alongside her husband Nicolas Sarkozy. One too many provocations, after one drink. “When I am in society, it is often caste. If I don’t drink it’s fine, I keep quiet, I mumble” she says, revealing that she only thinks when she’s in her studio with her guitar. But when she’s drinking, she confides in fun: “If I drink I get the bad idea to tell people everything I think!

Carla Bruni then returns to “a dinner this summer with people where my husband didn’t want to go either, but out of politeness we had to go, we had agreed“.”We left our wonderful heavenly home where we are barefoot and happy all day, to go to this house with all these people.“says the mother of Aurélien Enthoven and Giulia Sarkozy.”And that’s when I told this fine gentleman, who was our host, when he asked me what I liked most in life, that I was torn between sex and drugs, but I got it, I really did say to provoke him and then I said, remembering. a phrase from Françoise Sagan, who saw nothing more boring than power and money, nothing more boring than the people who dedicated their lives to it, just that ” he exclaims to Rose, who doesn’t hide her amusement.

They stammered vaguely

And then I turned to the people saying ‘Don’t you think?’ and since there were only people who were into it, they vaguely stammered ‘well no‘”, jokes Carla Bruni, recalling this funny memory. And her “punk is not dead” side is far from boring her husband Nicolas Sarkozy. If the former president of the Republic has never drunk, he is very amused by his wife’s folly.”He doesn’t care how the year 40reveals Carla Bruni about her provocation at this dinner. He’s having fun with me, I think.“And the latter even loves to imitate her when she’s been drinking, an”hilarious imitation“, says the main interested party.

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