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Nicolas Sarkozy, his son Jean, a very sexy handsome bearded man: rare solo outing

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On the occasion of the upcoming release of “Vaincre ou Die”, a historical film in theaters on January 25, a preview was organized in Paris. An act to which many personalities responded. Among them, Jean Sarkozy. A rare outing for the former president’s son, at his best for this rare solo outing.

Their appearances are rare enough to be underlined. Jean Sarkozy, 36, was effectively released on Tuesday, January 10. An appointment was made at the UGC Normandie cinema in Paris for the preview of the film win or die by Vincent Mottez and Paul Mignot. The son of the former president had come to support the film team made up of Dorcas Coppin, Constance Gay, Hugo Becker, Rod Paradot, Gilles Cohen, Grégory Fitoussi or even Jean-Hugues Anglade. A good line-up of actors who almost had their spotlight stolen by Jean Sarkozy.

Dressed in a gray suit and black turtleneck sweater, he remains as elegant and clean as the son of Nicolas Sarkozy appeared alongside Nicolas de Villiers, one of the producers of the historic film in theaters on January 25. The long square cut and prominent beard only accentuated the sexy side of the former politician, whose crooked smile added even more charm during the evening’s photo break.

Jean Sarkozy, committed like his father

While his eldest son Pierre pursued a musical career, Jean Sarkozy became very interested in politics and made his merry way in the countryside. After participating in the municipal elections of Neuilly-sur-Seine in 2008, he became councilor general. He even ended up being elected president of the UMP-New Centre-several right-wing groups of the Hauts-de-Seine general council. A position he left three years later.

Since then, Jean Sarkozy has put politics aside, working as a lawyer in a law firm of which his father is a partner and teaching corporate law courses at the University of Paris-XII. On the private side, he always seems to be swimming in happiness. Married to the beautiful Jessica Sebaoun – whom he already knew in high school – since 2008, Jean Sarkozy was the father of two children: Solal, who will soon be 13 years old, and Lola, 10 years old. Sorry for the fans, but Jean Sarkozy’s heart is already taken.

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